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Computer Interview Questions Answers

Sharepoint Interview Questions Answers

Question - 11 : - How customizable is the user-to-user access?

Answer - 11 : - User permissions apply to an entire Web, not to documents themselves. However, you can have additional sub webs that can optionally have their own permissions. Each user can be given any of four default roles. Additional roles can be defined by the administrator.

Question - 12 : - How  Office SharePoint Server 2007  can help you?

Answer - 12 : - Office SharePoint Server 2007 can help us: Manage content and streamline processes. Comprehensively manage and control unstructured content like Microsoft Office documents, Web pages, Portable Document Format file (PDF) files, and e-mail messages. Streamline business processes that are a drain on organizational productivity. Improve business insight. Monitor your business, enable better-informed decisions, and respond proactively to business events. Find and share information more simply. Find information and expertise wherever they are located. Share knowledge and simplify working with others within and across organizational boundaries. Empower IT to make a strategic impact. Increase responsiveness of IT to business needs and reduce the number of platforms that have to be maintained by supporting all the intranet, extranet, and Web applications across the enterprise with one integrated platform.   Office SharePoint Server 2007 capabilities can help improve organizational effectiveness by connecting people, processes, and information. Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides these capabilities in an integrated server offering, so your organization doesn't have to integrate fragmented technology solutions itself.

Question - 13 : - What are the advantages of a hosted SharePoint vs. one that is on an in-house server?

Answer - 13 : - * No hardware investment, i.e. lower costs * No software to download - ready to start from the word go * No IT resources - Anyone who has used a Web program like Hotmail can use it * Faster deployment

Question - 14 : - Explain WebApplication.

Answer - 14 : - WebApplication is a IIS website. Content database is created for each WebApplication  WebApplication can be created from central admin.  Once a web application is created, it can be extended to different zones.

Question - 15 : - Can more than one person use the same login?

Answer - 15 : - If the users sharing that login will have the same permissions and there is no fear of them sharing a password, then yes. Otherwise, this is discouraged.

Question - 16 : - How do I invite users to join a Windows SharePoint Services Site? Is the site secure?

Answer - 16 : - SharePoint-based Web sites can be password-protected to restrict access to registered users, who are invited to join via e-mail. In addition, the site administrator can restrict certain members' roles by assigning different permission levels to view post and edit.

Question - 17 : - What is SharePoint from a Technical Perspective?

Answer - 17 : - Technically SharePoint illustrates neatly what Microsoft's .net strategy is all about: integrating Windows with the Web. Microsoft has previously made accessing stuff on a PC easier, (Windows) then on a network (NT) and now on the web (.NET). SharePoint is an application written to let a user access a web accessible directory tree called the Web Storage System. SharePoint was written with a set of technologies that allow the programmer to pass data, functions, parameters over HTTP, the web's medium. These are XML, XSL and SOAP, to name a few I understand the basics of! To the user it looks easy, like Hotmail, but every time they click a button or a link, a lot has to happen behind the scenes to do what they want to do quickly and powerfully. Not as easy as you might think, but SharePoint does it for you. Accessing this Web storage system and the server itself is also done using technologies like ADO, CDO, PKMCDO, LDAP, DDSC, ADSC. More on these later. SharePoint is a great example of how the Internet Platform can be extended and integrated into an existing well adopted technology, Windows.

Question - 18 : - What is a SharePoint site definition?

Answer - 18 : - SharePoint sites consist of numerous Web pages, just like an ASP.NET 2.0 application. When a site is created, these pages are created as instances in the content database. The instances refer to the actual file on the file system.

Question - 19 : - How can I raise the trust level for assemblies installed in the BIN directory?

Answer - 19 : - Windows SharePoint Services can use any of the following three options from ASP.NET and the CLR to provide assemblies installed in the BIN directory with sufficient permissions. The following table outlines the implications and requirements for each option. Option Pros Cons Increase the trust level for the entire virtual server. For more information, see "Setting the trust level for a virtual server" Easy to implement. In a development environment, increasing the trust level allows you to test an assembly with increased permissions while allowing you to recompile assemblies directly into the BIN directory without resetting IIS. This option is least secure. This option affects all assemblies used by the virtual server. There is no guarantee the destination server has the required trust level. Therefore, Web Parts may not work once installed on the destination server. Create a custom policy file for your assemblies. For more information, see "How do I create a custom policy file?" Recommended approach. This option is most secure. An assembly can operate with a unique policy that meets the minimum permission requirements for the assembly. By creating a custom security policy, you can ensure the destination server can run your Web Parts. Requires the most configuration of all three options. Install your assemblies in the GAC Easy to implement. This grants Full trust to your assembly without affecting the trust level of assemblies installed in the BIN directory. This option is less secure. Assemblies installed in the GAC are available to all virtual servers and applications on a server running Windows SharePoint Services. This could represent a potential security risk as it potentially grants a higher level of permission to your assembly across a larger scope than necessary In a development environment, you must reset IIS every time you recompile assemblies. Licensing issues may arise due to the global availability of your a

Question - 20 : - Can I customize my Windows SharePoint Services site?

Answer - 20 : - YES! Windows SharePoint Services makes updating sites and their content from the browser easier then ever. SharePoint includes tools that let you create custom lists, calendars, page views, etc. You can apply a theme; add List, Survey and Document Library Web Parts to a page; create personal views; change logos; connect Web Parts and more. To fully customize your site, you can use Microsoft FrontPage 2003. Specifically, you can use FrontPage themes and shared borders, and also use FrontPage to create photo galleries and top ten lists, utilize standard usage reports, and integrate automatic Web content.  

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