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Computer Interview Questions Answers

SAP Report Interview Questions Answers

Question - 11 : - How to Upload Logo to Layout Set and what is Program Name?

Answer - 11 : - You can also upload a Logo in BMP format - it has to be saved as "%^ Colours if it is a colour Bitmap. If you don't save a colour Bitmap as 256 Colours then it will be uploaded in Black. This can be done in Smart Forms, SAPScript or Transaction SE78

Question - 12 : - What is meant by BDC. How many methods of BDC are there?

Answer - 12 : - BDC -> BATCH DATA COMMUNICATION. METHODS OF BDC-> Direct Input method, Batch Input Session method, Call transaction method.

Question - 13 : - Explain Check Table and Value Table ?

Answer - 13 : - check tabke works at table level and value table works at domain level. check table is nothing but master table that u will create with valid set of values. value table it provides the list of values and it will automatically proposed as a check table while creating foreing key relationship

Question - 14 : - What are the EVENTS in Report Program? What are EVENTS In Interactive Report and Explain?

Answer - 14 : - Classical Report Events are LOAD OF PROGRAM.INITIALIZATION. AT SELECTION-SCREEN.START-OF-SELECTION. TOP-OF-PAGE.END-OF-PAGE. END-OF-SELECTION. Interactive events are AT LINE-SELECTION. AT USER-COMMAND. TOP-OF-PAGE DURING LINE-SELECTION. AT LINE-SELECTION:Allows the user to interact with the lists. AT USER-COMMAND:USed for handling Push buttons. SET PF-STATUS:Provides User Interface.

Question - 15 : - A table is buffered. By select statement I don't want to get the data from table buffer. I want to get the data from database. How?

Answer - 15 : - If buffering is allowed for a table in the ABAP Dictionary, the SELECT statement always reads the data from the buffer in the database interface of the current application server. To read data directly from the database table instead of from the buffer, use the following: SELECT... FROM *lt;tables> BYPASSING BUFFER. .. This addition guarantees that the data you read is the most up to date. However, as a rule, only data that does not change frequently should be buffered, and using the buffer where appropriate improves performance. You should therefore only use this option where really necessary.

Question - 16 : - What are Layout set Elements?

Answer - 16 : - layout set elements are 1.header 2.peragraph formats 3. character formats 4. windows 5. pages 6.page windows

Question - 17 : - What are function modules in LDB?

Answer - 17 : - Function modules in LDB's are get put get late

Question - 18 : - What is the Difference between Data Element and Domain?

Answer - 18 : - Domain: Defines the attributes such as length,type and possible value range. Data element; An intermediate object between domain and table type Domain : technical attributes of dataelement is called domain. Dataelement : Symantic attributes are called dataelement.

Question - 19 : - Types of User Exits, what kind of work is done on these exits?

Answer - 19 : - File Exit, Menu Exit, Function Exit.

Question - 20 : - How many ways you can create Table?

Answer - 20 : - User can create a Database table in two ways. 1.Top-to-bottom approach: In this approach, first fields are defined and later domain and data element are defined. 2.Bottom-to-top approach: In this approach, first domain and data element are defined and later fields are defined.

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