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Computer Interview Questions Answers

SAP Module Interview Questions Answers

Question - 31 : - What is meant by consignment stock?

Answer - 31 : - Consignment stock is the material which is lying in the premises but is not owned by the company. It has no value assigned to it until it is taken into own stock. Once it is used in production or to be sold, it is taken into own stock.

Question - 32 : - How do you create movement types? What are the steps involved? When will you recommend a new movement type?

Answer - 32 : - A movement type can be created using T code OMJJ. Copying an existing movement type and modifying the field contents can create a new movement type. The SAP system is delivered with some pre-defined movement types from 100 to 899. 900 onwards can be used for customized movement types.  

Question - 33 : - What is an Open Item in SAP? How will you find an Open Item in SAP?

Answer - 33 : - you can generate a list of open items from the information systems menu option: * General Ledger: Information system ® General ledger reports ® Line items ® General ledger line items ® G/L line items, list for printing. * Accounts Receivable: Information system * ® Reports for accounts receivable ® Customer items ® List of customer open items for printing. Accounts Payable: Information system ® Reports for accounts payable ® Vendor items ® List of vendor open items for printing

Question - 34 : - In SAP-HR, What is the landscape of your project?

Answer - 34 : - Landscape in SAP consists the following: 1. IDES = Training Server 2. Development Server * Configuration (200 client) * Sandbox (210 client) * Data Change (220 client) 3. Quality Server * Standby (300 client) * Testing (310 client) 4. Production Server * Pre-Production (400 client) * Real Production (500 client)

Question - 35 : - What are the types of inforecords?

Answer - 35 : - - Standard - Pipeline - Consignment - Subcontracting

Question - 36 : - What is the work relation between SAP-MM, SD and fi/co modules?

Answer - 36 : - SAP is the integration of all the modules and the topics are very relavent to each other because basically its management skillsetgroup. From manufacturing the product/goods/services to reaching the customer. All the transaction process is depending on sales area, sales doc, item proposals, shipping, delivery and billing.

Question - 37 : - How do you configure manual bank statement?

Answer - 37 : - configuration is required during electronic bank statment not in mannual bank stament. In mannual bank statment you just have to enter the data on screen and save it.

Question - 38 : - What are the types of special stocks available?

Answer - 38 : - - Consignment stock - vendor - Components provided to vendor - Project stock - Consignment stock – customer - Pipeline material - Orders on hand

Question - 39 : - What is SAP APO?

Answer - 39 : - 1. SAP APO stands for Advanced Planner and Optimizer, which is one area of SCM and application component of MySAP product. Its is designed to provide solutions for companies in Demand planning, network design, supply network planning, production planning and global available to promise, transportation and scheduling. 2. Prior to SCM4.0 (-APO3.1) APO was a system, now from SCM4.0 APO is a function of SCM not a system as SCM now includes ECH and CM

Question - 40 : - What is the role of abapers? What is the Work Bench?

Answer - 40 : - Abaper is a application programmer who retrives the data from the database and show it to the end-user with the help of report..out of three layers of SAP the abaper position is on Application Layer in which SAP programs are develop and then transported to the Production server... Workbench... The ABAP Workbench contains several tools that allow you to edit specific repository objects. like ABAP Editor , Menu PAinter etc...

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