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Computer Interview Questions Answers

SAP BDC Interview Questions Answers

Question - 11 : - Open datasets, Read datasets ( Reading and writing data to files)?

Answer - 11 : - Date Sets are nothing but files on Application Server,they can even be called as Sequential files. Open Dataset Is used to open required file on the application Server. Read Dataset. Is used to read the contents required file on the application Server.

Question - 12 : - What kind of BDC programs are written ?

Answer - 12 : - There are five types of BDC methods available. They are 1.Batch input session 2.Call Transaction 3.Recording 4.Direct Input and 5.LSMW

Question - 13 : - What is the difference between call transaction and session method?

Answer - 13 : - Session method: The records are not added to the database until the session is processed. sy-subrc is not returned. Error logs are created for error records. Updation in database table is always Synchronous. Call Transaction method: The records are immediately added to the database table. sy-subrc is returned to 0 if successful. Error logs are not created and hence the errors need to be handled explicitly. Updation in database table is either Synchronous or Asynchronous.

Question - 14 : - How to load data from MS Excel sheet to SAP by using BDC method ?

Answer - 14 : - KCD_EXCEL_OLE_TO_INT_CONVERT even takes care of blank cells and is available in older versions of SAP * Add values to internal table SORT t_cells BY row col. LOOP AT t_cells INTO wa_cells. MOVE : wa_cells-col TO l_index. ASSIGN COMPONENT l_index OF STRUCTURE itab TO <f_value>. MOVE : wa_cells-value TO <f_value>. AT END OF row. APPEND itab CLEAR itab. ENDAT. ENDLOOP.

Question - 15 : - If I want to execute a program only in background not in foreground is there any option for this?

Answer - 15 : - The sm37 transaction can be used for running a program in the background. Also in the session method while processing the session you can specify the processing type as background or foreground.

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