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Visual Basic 6 Interview Questions Answers

Question 1 : Calling Stored Procedures in VB?

Answer 1 : 1. Calling Simply the Procedure with out Arguments "Call ProcedureName}" 2. If it is with Arguments Means then Declare the Query Def qy Set Qy as New Query def Qy.SQL = "{Call ProcedureName(?

Question 2 : Can us able to set Instancing properties like Singleuse, GlobalSingleuse to ActiveXDll?

Answer 2 : No.

Question 3 : Describe Database Connection pooling (relative to MTS )?

Answer 3 : This allows MTS to reuse database connections. Database connections are put to sleep as opposed to being created and destroyed and are activated upon request.

Question 4 : Diff type of Datatypes?

Answer 4 : LOB (Large Object Data type). CLOB (Stores Character Objects). BLOB ( Store Binary Objects such as Graphic, Video Chips and Sound files). BFILE(Store file pointers to LOB It may Contain filename for photo’s store on CD_ROM).

Question 5 : Diff types of Lock Types?

Answer 5 : RdConcurReadOnly 0 (Default) RdConcurLock 1 (Pessimistic Locking) RdConcurRowver 2 (Optimistic Lociking) RdConcurValues 3 RdConcurBatch 4

Question 6 : Different type of Instantiation?

Answer 6 : Private Only for the Specific Module. Public not creatable Private & Public Multi Use - Variable we have to declare. Single Use Not possible through dll. Global Multiuse Have variable not Required to Declare. Global Single Use - Only for exe.

Question 7 : Different type of Passing Value?

Answer 7 : By value, By ref, Optional, Param Array. Note:- Optional keyword cannot be used while declaring arguments for a function using param array.

Question 8 : Drag and Drop state numbers and functions?

Answer 8 : State 0 Source control is being dragged with the range of a target. 1 Out of the range of a target. 2 One position in the target to another.

Question 9 : DSN Less Connection?

Answer 9 : "Server=Oracle; Driver={Microsoft ODBC for Oracle};"

Question 10 : Event Handler in Visual Basic?

Answer 10 : When we act on a control then an event is fired. VB tells which action you want to perform. For doing this we have to write the code on key event of the control. this code is called event handler. 

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