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Networking Interview Questions Answers

Question 1 : What is the difference between a domain local group and a global group?

Answer 1 :  Domain local groups grant permissions to objects within the domain in which the reside. Global groups contain grant permissions tree or forest wide for any objects within the Active Directory.

Question 2 : In the TCP client-servel model, how does the three-way handshake work in opening connection?

Answer 2 :  The client first sends a packet with sequence "x" to the server. When the server receives this packet, the server will send back another packet with sequence "y", acknowledging the request of the client. When the client receives the acknowledgement from the server, the client will then send an acknowledge back to the server for acknowledging that sequence "y" has been received.

Question 3 : What are the two types of transmission technology available?

Answer 3 : (i) Broadcast (ii) point-to-point.

Question 4 : What are the possible ways of data exchange?

Answer 4 : (i) Simplex (ii) Half-duplex (iii) Full-duplex.

Question 5 : What are 10Base2, 10Base5 and 10BaseT Ethernet LANs ?

Answer 5 : 10Base2—An Ethernet term meaning a maximum transfer rate of 10 Megabits per second that uses baseband signaling, with a contiguous cable segment length of 100 meters and a maximum of 2 segments 10Base5—An Ethernet term meaning a maximum transfer rate of 10 Megabits per second that uses baseband signaling, with 5 continuous segments not exceeding 100 meters per segment. 10BaseT—An Ethernet term meaning a maximum transfer rate of 10 Megabits per second that uses baseband signaling and twisted pair cabling.

Question 6 : Explain Circuit Level Gateway.

Answer 6 : A circuit level gateway is used to find if a session in TCP handshaking is legitimate or not. It can be considered as a layer between application layer and transport layer. They protect the information of the private network they protect. Circuit level gateways do not filter packets.

Question 7 : What is point-to-point protocol?

Answer 7 : A communications protocol used to connect computers to remote networking services including Internet service providers.

Question 8 : What is 'Gateway Of Last Resort'?

Answer 8 : A Gateway of Last Resort or Default gateway is a route used by the router when no other known route exists to transmit the IP packet. Known routes are present in the routing table. Hence, any route not known by the routing table is forwarded to the default route. Each router which receives this packet will treat the packet the same way, if the route is known, packet will be forwarded to the known route.

Question 9 : What is subnet?

Answer 9 : A generic term for section of a large networks usually separated by a bridge or router. A gateway operates at the upper levels of the OSI model and translates information between two completely different network architectures or data formats.

Question 10 : What is cladding?

Answer 10 : A layer of a glass surrounding the center fiber of glass inside a fiber-optic cable.

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