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Computer Interview Questions Answers

Computer Interview Questions Answers

Question - 31 : - What is CAD ?

Answer - 31 : - Computer-aided design (CAD) is a computer technology that designs a product and documents the design's process. CAD may facilitate the manufacturing process by transferring detailed diagrams of a product’s materials, processes, tolerances and dimensions with specific conventions for the product in question. It can be used to produce either two-dimensional or three-dimensional diagrams. A CAD system is a combination of hardware and software that enables engineers and architects to design everything from furniture to airplanes. In addition to the software, CAD systems require a high-quality graphics monitor; a mouse, light pen, or digitizing tablet for drawing; and a special printer plotter for printing design specifications.

Question - 32 : - Can I replace non-ECC memory with ECC memory ?

Answer - 32 : - ECC (Error Correcting Code) memory is parity memory and non-ECC memory is non-parity. Parity memory has an extra chip on the module that checks for errors in the transfer of information to and from the memory. So if a memory module has an odd number of chips, it is parity RAM. Many motherboards support both ECC and non-ECC memory. Some sources say you can even mix the two types of RAM and the ECC RAM will work as non-ECC memory. However, most memory companies do not support mixing the two types, so try it at your own risk. Since most motherboards will accept ECC memory, it often depends on if your computer's BIOS supports it. You may have to check your computer's manual to find the answer. If you have a choice, non-ECC memory is typically cheaper than ECC memory and works slightly faster. So when in doubt, use non-ECC memory.  

Question - 33 : - Which of the following file systems or file allocation tables did Windows 95 not provide?

Answer - 33 : - Microsoft Windows 95 only provided support for FAT16 and later versions supported FAT32. Support for NTFS and HPFS were introduced and/or available in later versions of Microsoft Windows.

Question - 34 : - How many bits are in a megabit?

Answer - 34 : - There are 1,000,000 bits in a megabit.

Question - 35 : - What are the other (competing or not) wireless technologies ?

Answer - 35 : - Wi-Fi, IrDa, EDGE, UWB (Ultra Wide Band)

Question - 36 : - What is sed?

Answer - 36 : -  sed is stream editor, a Unix tool for working with streams of text data. See the awful truth about sed.


Answer - 37 : - You will need the following.. Windows 2000 / XP # Basic Knowledge of the Command Prompt # WinRar 1. Gather your image and the files you wish to lodge into it. Here I have a meeting.txt which I will hide inside my toshow.jpg. 2. Add the files you want to hide into a new RAR archive. (so meeting.txt.rar created newly) 3. Open Command Prompt and go to the folder where your files are located, e.g., 'C:\hidden'. 5. At command prompt type 'copy /b toshow.jpg + meeting.txt.rar lizard.jpg' (without quotes). (toshow.jpg is the picture I want to show, meeting.txt.rar is the file to be hidden, and lizard.jpg is the file which contains both. 6. Now test the lizard.jpg by double clicking it, and verifying it still opens. 7. Now try opening that same lizard.jpg file from menu: file->open of WinRar. It will show the original hidden file meeting.txt.

Question - 38 : - What is deployment ?

Answer - 38 : - The process whereby software is installed into an operational environment.

Question - 39 : - Why won't my scanner work?

Answer - 39 : - There are a couple of things that could be wrong with your scanner setup: 1. The drivers may have not been installed correctly (this is the most likely problem). Try reinstalling the software that came with the scanner. 2. The SCSI ID the scanner is using is already in use. Each SCSI device must have a unique ID or conflicts will happen. To change the ID, select a new number (most likely on the the back of the scanner). 3. The scanner or scanner software is incompatible with the computer. Check to see if the computer meets the scanner requirements. Also check for the latest version of drivers at the manufacturer's web site. 4. You don't have a good software program to control and import the scans. If the scanner didn't come with any software programs, the best program to use is Adobe Photoshop. If you just need a simple program that won't empty the bank, try Adobe Photoshop LE, Adobe PhotoDeluxe, or Jasc Paintshop Pro.

Question - 40 : - What is digest authentication ?  

Answer - 40 : - An authentication mechanism in which a Web application authenticates itself to a Web server by sending the server a message digest along with its HTTP request message. The digest is computed by employing a one-way hash algorithm to a concatenation of the HTTP request message and the client's password. The digest is typically much smaller than the HTTP request and doesn't contain the password.

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