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Computer Interview Questions Answers

Asp.Net Interview Questions Answers

Question - 121 : - Describe session handling in a webfarm?.

Answer - 121 : -   ASP.NET Session supports storing of session data in 3 ways, i] in In-Process ( in the same memory that ASP.NET uses) , ii] out-of-process using Windows NT Service )in separate memory from ASP.NET ) or iii] in SQL Server (persistent storage). Both the Windows Service and SQL Server solution support a webfarm scenario where all the web-servers can be configured to share common session state store.   1. Windows Service : We can start this service by Start | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services | . In that we service names  ASP.NET State Service. We can start or stop service by manually or configure to start automatically. Then we have to configure our web.config file <CONFIGURATION><configuration>  <system.web>   <SessionState    mode = “StateServer”    stateConnectionString = “tcpip=”    stateNetworkTimeout = “10”    sqlConnectionString=”data source =; uid=sa;pwd=”    cookieless =”Flase”    timeout= “20” />  </system.web> </configuration> </SYSTEM.WEB> </CONFIGURATION> Here ASP.Net Session is directed to use Windows Service for state management on local server (address : is TCP/IP loop-back address). The default port is 42424. we can configure to any port but for that we have to manually edit the registry.  Follow these simple steps - In a webfarm make sure you have the same config file in all your web servers. - Also make sure your objects are s

Question - 122 : - Can a user browsing my Web site read my Web.config or Global.asax files?

Answer - 122 : - <HTTPHANDLERS>section of Machine.config, which holds the master configuration  settings for ASP.NET, contains entries that map ASAX files, CONFIG files, and selected  other file types to an HTTP handler named HttpForbiddenHandler Previous Next

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