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Computer Interview Questions Answers

ASP Interview Questions Answers

Question - 71 : - Which is the default Scripting Language on the client side?

Answer - 71 : - JavaScript

Question - 72 : - What is Server-Side includes?

Answer - 72 : - It provides extra information by which it makes the site easier to manage. It can include text files using the #include statement, retrieve the size and last modification date of a file, defines how variables and error messages are displayed and inserts the values of HTTP variables in the page sent back to the browser.

Question - 73 : - What happens to a HTML page?

Answer - 73 : - The browser makes a HTTP request; the server gives a HTTP response to the browser and the browser converts into a HTML page.

Question - 74 : - What are the collections of Application Object?

Answer - 74 : - * Contents collection - contains all variables added via scripts in global.asa. * Static collection - contains the names of all objects.

Question - 75 : - How can you disable the browser to view the code?

Answer - 75 : - Writing codes within the Tag

Question - 76 : - What is the difference between ASP and HTML? Or Why ASP is better than HTML?

Answer - 76 : - - ASP executes code on the server side whereas the browser interprets HTML. - ASP can use any scripting languages - Gets feedback from the user and return information to the user - Create pages that will be customized to display only things that will be of interest to a particular user - Can edit contents of a web page by updating a text file or a database rather than the HTML code itself

Question - 77 : - What is Session Object?

Answer - 77 : - It stores information about a User’s session. Gives a notification when a user session begins or ends.

Question - 78 : - What is ServerVariables collection?

Answer - 78 : - The ServerVariables collection holds the entire HTTP headers and also additional items of information about the server.

Question - 79 : - What is a Form collection?

Answer - 79 : - The Form collection holds the values of the form elements submitted with the POST method. This is the only way to generate a Form collection.

Question - 80 : - What are the tasks performed by < FORM > tags?

Answer - 80 : - tags provides space for the user to input values the form has a button to submit information back to the server It transfers control to another ASP page It carries the information in the fields to another ASP page

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