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Computer Interview Questions Answers

ASP Interview Questions Answers

Question - 41 : - What are the browsers that can access ASP pages?

Answer - 41 : - Internet Explorer (supports VBScript, JavaScript) Netscape Communicator/ Navigator (supports only JavaScript, VBScript can be also added too)

Question - 42 : - What is the Order of precedence for LOGICAL Operators ?

Answer - 42 : - NOT, AND, OR, XOR, EQV, IMP

Question - 43 : - What is a Scripting Language?

Answer - 43 : - It permits to create more interactive Web Pages. Validation, formatting of web pages can be done. VBScript, JavaScript are some examples.

Question - 44 : - What is the difference between Cookies collection and Form/Query string collection?

Answer - 44 : - Cookie collection does not have the Count property. Cookies can have multiple values for the same cookie name but each value can be referred using a key whereas in a Form/Query string cookie each value has to be referred using an index value.

Question - 45 : - What are the event handlers of Session Object?

Answer - 45 : - Session _OnStart This event will be fired when a new user begins a session with the web site. Session_OnEnd This event is called whenever a session terminates.

Question - 46 : - What variable can you use to share info across the whole application for one user?

Answer - 46 : - Use the sessions object

Question - 47 : - How do you write an SQL insert statement?

Answer - 47 : - insert into tablename (fieldA, fieldB, fieldC)Values(’dataA’, ‘dataB’, ‘dataC’);

Question - 48 : - What are the attributes of the tags? What are their functions?

Answer - 48 : - The two attributes are ACTION and METHOD The ACTION gives the name of the ASP file that should be opened next by which this file can access the information given in the form The METHOD determines which of the two ways (POST or GET) the browser can send the information to the server

Question - 49 : - What are the tags necessary to be present within the <FORM > tag?

Answer - 49 : - -----tag: Provides input spaces (text boxes, combo boxes, radio button, etc.) on a form called fields. It has three attributes TYPE, NAME and VALUE. TYPE provides the characteristics of the field and the NAME specifies a name to the field by which it can be referred.

Question - 50 : - Which is the default Scripting Language of ASP (server-side)?

Answer - 50 : - VBScript

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