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Silverlight Interview Questions and Answers

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Silverlight Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 71 : - Which .NET applications are supported in Silverlight?

Answer - 71 : -

These two .NET applications are supported in Silverlight:
  • Embedded Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • .NET Framework Libraries

Question - 72 : -
Which tools are required to build Silverlight applications?

Answer - 72 : -

Following are the two important tools required to build Silverlight applications:

  • Microsoft Expression Studio: This tool is used by web designers to create rich visual elements for Silverlight applications with enhanced visual contents and graphics.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio: This tool is used by programmers whose application is based on logic or requires programming. It permits programmer to build Silverlight applications in any .NET language like C#, Visual Basic.NET, etc.)

Question - 73 : - Explain how you can pass parameters to silver light controls from ASP.NET pages?

Answer - 73 : - You can pass parameters from you aspx pages and HTML pages to the Silverlight controls by setting InitParameters. The Xaml page user control has a property known as InitParameters. From your ASPX pages, you can set a value in the form of key value pairs. Since this property accepts key-value pairs, you can pass any set of string values.

Question - 74 : - Explain the use of ClientBin folder in Silverlight

Answer - 74 : - The ClientBin folder is used for placing .xap file of a Silverlight application. This folder can be kept anywhere in the web application.

Question - 75 : - Explain what is RIA?

Answer - 75 : - RIA stands for rich internet applications, and they are web applications with rich features. Rich features include built in AJAX support, layouts, animations, audio, and video components. Silverlight is an example of RIA.

Question - 76 : -
Mention what is the XAP mime type in Silverlight?

Answer - 76 : - To run a Silverlight application on a web server, you require to append the extension .XAP with the MIME type application/X-Silverlight in the server supported file types configuration.

Question - 77 : - Describe how to perform Event handling in silverlight.

Answer - 77 : -

Event handling is performed in two event cases – Input events and Non-input events.

  • Input Events: The hosting browser for Silver Light plug-in handles the input events input stimulus, as SilverLight works within the hosting browser plug-in architecture. The event is sent to SilverLight plug-in through the browser. Later the event is raised in the SilverLight Object Model.
  • Non-Input Events: These events report a change state of a particular object. For instance, progress of initiated actions by the web client. Certain non-input events provide information of objects as a framework level for lifetime. An example of such event is FreameworkElementLoaded event.

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