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Neo4J Interview Questions and Answers

Neo4J Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 41 : - Explain how Neo4j can be helpful in detecting Brute Force Attack?

Answer - 41 : -

Neo4J allows to store and retrieve multiple complex relations. The capability of Neo4j to do complex query in real time is really helpful in identifying a brute force attack much quicker.  The most crucial thing in detecting such attacks is to capture enough information about each requests like

  • Client real IP address and not the proxy one
  • Login failure or attempt success information
  • Timestamp

Question - 42 : - In Which Cases Neo4j Is Widely Used?

Answer - 42 : -

Neo4J is widely used for:

  • Highly connected data Social Network
  • Recommendation- ( e-commerce)
  • Path Finding
  • Data First Schema (bottom-up)
  • Schema Evolution
  • A*(Least Cost Path)

Question - 43 : - How is MongoDB different from Neo4j?

Answer - 43 : -

Neo4j is written using Java and Scala language. It is primarily based on the Graph DBMS model and has foreign keys.

MongoDB written in C++, Go, JavaScript, Python languages. It is primarily based on the Document Store model and it doesn't have foreign keys.

Question - 44 : - How good is Neo4j as a graph database?

Answer - 44 : -

Neo4j is a good graph database as it delivers lightning-fast read and writes performance and it is the only enterprise-strength graph database that combines native graph storage.

Question - 45 : - What are the weaknesses of Neo4j?

Answer - 45 : -

The weaknesses of Neo4j are that it has some upper bound limit for the graph size and it doesn't scale writes very well and in case of exceptionally high write loads.

Question - 46 : - What is the name of query language used by Neo4J?

Answer - 46 : -

Cypher is the name of the query language that is used by Neo4J.

Question - 47 : - What is CQL? How can you run CQL commands in Neo4J?

Answer - 47 : -

Neo4j CQL is used for the commands such as WHERE, ORDER BY, etc., to perform Database operations. We can run the "$” prompt for running CQL commands in Neo4j.

Question - 48 : - How indexing is performed in Neo4j?

Answer - 48 : -

Cypher enables the creation of indexes in Neo4j and once the index has been created it will be automatically started by Neo4j.

Question - 49 : - What use of MATCH command in Neo4J?

Answer - 49 : -

MATCH command is used to specify the patterns searched by Neo4j in the database.

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