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Mobile App Interview Questions and Answers

Mobile App Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 11 : - Explain how A/B testing is done for ios app?

Answer - 11 : -

A/B testing for ios includes three steps

  • Configure a test: It prepares two versions of your iOS app (A&B) and test metric
  • Test: Tests two iOS versions above on devices simultaneously
  • Analyze: It select and measure better version to release

Question - 12 : - Explain what is Robo-electric testing framework?

Answer - 12 : -

Testing done on Android Testing Framework for emulators or device is difficult. Running and building test case sometimes takes lots of development effort. Robo-electric framework allows you to run Android test directly on JVM without the need of a device or an emulator.

Question - 13 : - Mention what are the common bugs found while mobile testing?

Answer - 13 : -

  • Critical: Your phone system crash when testing particular feature in your device
  • Block: Unable to do anything though phone is on unless you reboot your device
  • Major: Unable to perform a function of a particular feature
  • Minor: Under minor bugs usually GUI bugs fall.

Question - 14 : - List out the best practices for Android Testing?

Answer - 14 : -

  • Developer should prepare the test cases at the same time when they are writing the code
  • Together with source code all test cases should be stored
  • Use continuous integration and execute tests every time the code is changed
  • Avoid using rooted devices and emulators

Question - 15 : - Explain what does mobile security testing includes?

Answer - 15 : -

Mobile security testing includes

  • Checks for multi-user support without interfering with the data between them
  • Checks for access to files stored in the app by any unintended users
  • Decryption or Encryption method used for sensitive data communication
  • Detect sensitive areas in tested application so that they do not receive any malicious content

Question - 16 : - List out mobile App testing?

Answer - 16 : -

  • Testing in all web browsers
  • Browsers very significantly across the devices
  • May support xHTML,HTML,WML,AJAX
  • Difficulty in Benchmarking the performance due to highly fragmented Market
  • Emulators do not capture all the attributes or characteristics of a device
  • Implementation of the specification may not be consistent across vendors and devices
  • In some situation, transcoder may not respect user experience factors

Question - 17 : - Explain what is port testing?

Answer - 17 : -

This testing is done to test the same functionality on different devices with different platforms. It is classified into two categories

  • Device Testing
  • Platform Testing

Question - 18 : - List out some iPhone and iPad testing tools?

Answer - 18 : -

iPhone tester: Test your web interface in an i-phone sized frame
Appium: It is a test automation tool used with native and hybrid ios application
iPad Peek: Test your web application using an iPad interface
Test Studio: It enables you to record, build and run automated tests for your iPad and iPhone applications.

Question - 19 : - What are the types of mobile applications?

Answer - 19 : -

Mobile applications are of three types:

Native Application– Native app installed from application store like Android’s google play and apple’ app store. The application which can be installed into your devices and run is known as a native application for E.G. whats App, Angry birds etc.

Web Application– Web applications run from mobile web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc using mobile network or WIFI. E.G. of web browser applications are m.facebook.com, m.gmail.com, m.yahoo.com, m.rediffmail.com etc.

Hybrid Application- Hybrid apps are combinations of native app and web app. They can run on devices or offline and are written using web technologies like HTML5 and CSS. For E.G. eBay, Flipkart etc

Question - 20 : - How to test CPU usage on mobile devices?

Answer - 20 : - There are various tools available in the market like google play or app store from where you can install apps like CPU Monitor, Usemon, CPU Stats, CPU-Z etc these are an advanced tool which records historical information about processes running on your device.

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