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Angular Interview Questions and Answers

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Angular Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 101 : - What is interpolation?

Answer - 101 : -

Interpolation is a special syntax that Angular converts into property binding. It’s a convenient alternative to property binding. It is represented by double curly braces({{}}). The text between the braces is often the name of a component property. Angular replaces that name with the string value of the corresponding component property.

Let's take an example,

In the example above, Angular evaluates the title and url properties and fills in the blanks, first displaying a bold application title and then a URL.

Question - 102 : - What are template expressions?

Answer - 102 : -

A template expression produces a value similar to any Javascript expression. Angular executes the expression and assigns it to a property of a binding target; the target might be an HTML element, a component, or a directive. In the property binding, a template expression appears in quotes to the right of the = symbol as in [property]="expression". In interpolation syntax, the template expression is surrounded by double curly braces. For example, in the below interpolation, the template expression is {{username}},

{{username}}, welcome to Angular

The below javascript expressions are prohibited in template expression

assignments (=, +=, -=, ...)
chaining expressions with ; or ,
increment and decrement operators (++ and --)

Question - 103 : - What are template statements?

Answer - 103 : -

A template statement responds to an event raised by a binding target such as an element, component, or directive. The template statements appear in quotes to the right of the = symbol like (event)="statement".

Let's take an example of button click event's statement

In the above expression, editProfile is a template statement. The below JavaScript syntax expressions are not allowed.

  • new
  • increment and decrement operators, ++ and --
  • operator assignment, such as += and -=
  • the bitwise operators | and &
  • the template expression operators

Question - 104 : - What are pipes?

Answer - 104 : -

A pipe takes in data as input and transforms it to a desired output. For example, let us take a pipe to transform a component's birthday property into a human-friendly date using date pipe.

import { Component } from '@angular/core';

  selector: 'app-birthday',
  template: `

Birthday is {{ birthday | date }}

export class BirthdayComponent {
  birthday = new Date(1987, 6, 18); // June 18, 1987

Question - 105 : - What is a parameterized pipe?

Answer - 105 : -

A pipe can accept any number of optional parameters to fine-tune its output. The parameterized pipe can be created by declaring the pipe name with a colon ( : ) and then the parameter value. If the pipe accepts multiple parameters, separate the values with colons. Let's take a birthday example with a particular format(dd/MM/yyyy):

import { Component } from '@angular/core';

      selector: 'app-birthday',
      template: `

Birthday is {{ birthday | date:'dd/MM/yyyy'}}

` // 18/06/1987
    export class BirthdayComponent {
      birthday = new Date(1987, 6, 18);

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