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Win Runner Interview Questions and Answers

Win Runner Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 91 : - How do you run your test scripts?

Answer - 91 : -

We run tests in Verify mode to test your application. Each time WinRunner encounters a checkpoint in the test script, it compares the current data of the application being tested to the expected data captured earlier. If any mismatches are found.

Question - 92 : - What are data driven tests?

Answer - 92 : -

When you test your application, you may want to check how it performs the same operations with multiple sets of data. You can create a data-driven test with a loop that runs ten times: each time the loop runs, it is driven by a different set of data. In order for WinRunner to use data to drive the test, you must link the data to the test script which it drives. This is called parameterizing your test. The data is stored in a data table. You can perform these operations manually, or you can use the DataDriver Wizard to parameterize your test and store the data in a data table.

Question - 93 : - What are the synchronization points?

Answer - 93 : -

Synchronization points enable you to solve anticipated timing problems between the test and your application. For example, if you create a test that opens a database application, you can add a synchronization point that causes the test to wait until the database records are loaded on the screen.
For Analog testing, you can also use a synchronization point to ensure that WinRunner repositions a window at a specific location. When you run a test, the mouse cursor travels along exact coordinates. Repositioning the window enables the mouse pointer to make contact with the correct elements in the window.

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