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Win Runner Interview Questions and Answers

Win Runner Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 11 : - What is the different between GUI map and GUI map files?

Answer - 11 : - The GUI map is actually the sum of one or more GUI map files. There are two modes for organizing GUI map files. Global GUI Map file: a single GUI Map file for the entire application. GUI Map File per Test: WinRunner automatically creates a GUI Map file for each test created. GUI Map file is a file which contains the windows and the objects learned by the WinRunner with its logical name and their physical description.

Question - 12 : - How do you view the contents of the GUI map?

Answer - 12 : - GUI Map editor displays the content of a GUI Map. We can invoke GUI Map Editor from the Tools Menu in WinRunner. The GUI Map Editor displays the various GUI Map files created and the windows and objects learned in to them with their logical name and physical description.

Question - 13 : - When you create GUI map do you record all the objects of specific objects?

Answer - 13 : - If we are learning a window then WinRunner automatically learns all the objects in the window else we will we identifying those object, which are to be learned in a window, since we will be working with only those objects while creating scripts.

Question - 14 : - What is WinRunner?

Answer - 14 : -

WinRunner developed by HP is a functional and automated GUI testing tool. Using this tool, users can record UI interactions and can replay them as well as test scripts. It is widely used to identify any defects in business processes. 

Question - 15 : - Please describe the WinRunner testing process.

Answer - 15 : -

There are main 6 stages involved in the WinRunner testing process.

1. Creating a GUI Map file can help WinRunner to identify GUI objects used in the application for which one wants to test
2. Tests can be generated by

  • Recording
  • Programming
  • Combining both
3. Running test cases in debug mode can help us to ensure consistency in tests run. Breakpoints in tests, variables monitoring, and ease of control on test runs can make work easy of finding defects.
4. Running test cases in verify mode to test the application and compares the data of the application with the earlier captured data.
5. This stage states the status of any test – PASS or FAIL. 
6. In case of any failure of any test case due to some defect, that defect can be directly reported from the Test Results window.

Question - 16 : - Specify the language used in WinRunner.

Answer - 16 : -

WinRunner used TSL-Test Script Language. It is similar to C.

Question - 17 : - Brief about the test scripts you’ve created in WinRunner.

Answer - 17 : -

WinRunner test scripts contain statements written in Mercury Interactive’s Test Script Language (TSL). We can modify the recorded test scripts, either by adding more programming elements and TSL functions or by using Function Generator, a WinRunner’s visual programming tool.

Question - 18 : - Explain WinRunner’s Evaluation of Test Results.

Answer - 18 : -

WinRunner displays test results in a report. This report lists out all the events that took place during the test run like error messages, checkpoints, user messages, or system messages. In case of any mismatch at a checkpoint, we can compare the expected and actual results in the Test Results window.

Question - 19 : - Explain different types of modes in which we can run test scripts in WinRunner.

Answer - 19 : -

WinRunner enables us to run test scripts in three different modes as per the phase of the testing.

1. Verify: this mode helps us to check the application and compare it with earlier captured data.
2. Debug: this mode helps us to find bugs in a test script.
3. Update: this mode helps us to modify the expected results or generate a new expected results folder.

Question - 20 : - What’s there in Wrun.ini File?

Answer - 20 : -

Wrun.ini the the file is the setup configuration file for WinRunner.

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