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WCF Interview Questions and Answers

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WCF Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 11 : - Question - 13 : - How to set the instancing mode in WCF service?

Answer - 13 : - In WCF, instancing mode is set at service level. For ex. //Setting PerSession instance mode [ServiceBehavior(InstanceContextMode = InstanceContextMode.PerSession)] class MyService : IMyService { //Implementation goes there }

Question - 14 : - what is the default mode for Instancing in WCF?

Answer - 14 : - PerCall

Question - 15 : - Which bindings in WCF support the message streaming?

Answer - 15 : - Following bindings supports the streaming in WCF: 1. basicHttpBinding 2. netTcpBinding 3. netNamedPipeBinding

Question - 16 : - What is the full form of WCF?

Answer - 16 : - The full form of WCF is the Windows Communication Framework.

Question - 17 : - Which was the initial code name for WCF?

Answer - 17 : - The initial code name for WCF was Indigo.

Question - 18 : - What is the primary function of WCF?

Answer - 18 : - To make the communication between various processes in a given system easier is the main function of WCF.

Question - 19 : - Explain your understanding of the WCF technology.

Answer - 19 : - WCF is a platform for building distributed apps or services among multiple endpoints in Windows. The initial name for WCF was Indigo and it was designed for building service-oriented apps and offers interoperability too. The WCF is abbreviated as Windows Communication Foundation; this is a popular programming model that is suitable for designing service-oriented apps. It can be used to create or deploy services that are easily accessible by multiple clients worldwide. It provides an environment where a particular service is accessible by windows or Linux clients both. The features of WCF are just the endless when compared to any other web service. WCF technology has been proposed by the Microsoft and it could be accessed through multiple protocols like HTTP, TCP, MSMQ and more.

Question - 20 : - What are some of the other purposes WCF serves as well?

Answer - 20 : - WCF is also used for other functions like queuing, services, MS messaging and remoting.

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