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Vue JS Interview Questions and Answers

Vue JS Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 1 : - What is Vue.js?

Answer - 1 : - Vue.js is a progressive framework of JavaScript used to create Dynamic User Interfaces and single-page applications.

Question - 2 : - Why is Vue.js called a progressive framework?

Answer - 2 : - Vue.js called a progressive framework because it is being changed and developed continually.

Question - 3 : - Why is Vue.js supposed to be a competitor of Angular in upcoming days?

Answer - 3 : - Vue.js is also used to build User Interfaces and single-page applications like Angular. Nowadays, it is evolving very fast, and with time, new libraries and extensions are coming into existence. Many developers' community is using Vue.js, and the popularity of this JavaScript language is increasing day by day. That's why it is supposed to be a potential competitor of Angular.

Question - 4 : - Who is the founder/ inventor of Vue.js?

Answer - 4 : - Evan you is the founder of Vue.js. He was working at Google on several Angular projects when he founded Vue.js.

Question - 5 : - What is the VUE-resource? How would you install the Vue-Resource?

Answer - 5 : - The VUE-resource is a plug-in for Vue.js. This plug-in is used with Vue.js to make web requests and handle responses, in which XHMLHttpRequests or JSONP is used. You can use the following yarn or npm command to install VUE-resource: 1. $ yarn add vue-resource 2. $ npm install vue-resource

Question - 6 : - How can you install Vue.js in your project?

Answer - 6 : - You can install Vue.js in your project by using the following 4 methods: 1. Yu can use CDN by including

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