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Genetic Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Genetic Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 1 : - Which Chemical Substance Is Generally Used To Obtain Polyploids?

Answer - 1 : -

Colchicine is a chemical substance which causes mutations. colchicine is usually used to obtain polyploids. polyploid  means each cell consists of more than two sets of chromosomes.

Question - 2 : - What Is The Difference Between Test Cross And Back Cross?

Answer - 2 : -

Back cross is the cross between progeny of 1st filial generation with any of its parent.

Test cross is a part of back cross between f1 individuals with homozygous recessive parent. and it is done to know the  unknown genotype(whether it is homozygous or heterozygous)

Question - 3 : - Is Haemophilia A Sex Linked Disease? How?

Answer - 3 : -

Yes,The gene for Haemophilia is carried on the X sex chromosome (females are XX; males are XY). A man with Haemophilia passes the faulty gene to his daughters who then carry this gene and may pass the condition onto their sons. A man with Haemophilia does not pass the faulty gene onto his sons because they receive a copy of his Y chromosome (their X chromosome comes from the mother).

Question - 4 : - Normally On Which Plants Generally Genetic Studies Are Being Made?

Answer - 4 : -

normally on peas because they have;

  • a wide variety
  • not difficult to come by
  • there are no ethical restrictions.

Question - 5 : - What Is Genetic Testing?

Answer - 5 : -

Genetic testing is Analyzing an individual's genetic material to determine predisposition to a particular health condition or to confirm a diagnosis of genetic disease.

Question - 6 : - What Information Can Genetic Testing Provide?

Answer - 6 : -

Genetic testing is a type of medical test that identifies changes in chromosomes, genes, or proteins. The results of a genetic test can confirm or rule out a suspected genetic condition or help determine a person’s chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder.

Question - 7 : - What Are Genetic Disorders?

Answer - 7 : -

Genetic disorders r nothing but malfunctioning of genes due to some changes in their arrangement brought by mutations. Often these disorders r characterized by absence or inactive protein products.

Question - 8 : - What Are The 3 Different Types Of Point Or Gene Mutations?

Answer - 8 : -

point mutations are sudden changes occuring in one geneamino acid sequence. They are base substitution, base deletion,base insertion.

Question - 9 : - What Is The Difference Between Nullisomic And Double Monosomic?

Answer - 9 : -

  • Nullisomic condition is (2N-2)
  • double monosomic condition is (2n-1-1)

Question - 10 : - What Is The Approximate Number Of Genes In The Human Being According To Human Genome Project?

Answer - 10 : -

The approximate number of genes in the human genome is 30,000.

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