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Cosmos DB Interview Questions and Answers

Question - How Does Azure Cosmos Db Offer Predictable Performance?

Answer - A request unit (RU) is the measure of throughput in Azure Cosmos DB. A 1-RU throughput corresponds to the throughput of the GET of a 1-KB report. Every operation in Azure Cosmos DB, inclusive of reads, writes, SQL queries, and stored process executions, has a deterministic RU price it is based at the throughput required to complete the operation. Instead of considering CPU, IO, and reminiscence and the way they every affect your application throughput, you can think in terms of a unmarried RU measure. You can reserve each Azure Cosmos DB box with provisioned throughput in terms of RUs of throughput according to second. For applications of any scale, you may benchmark person requests to measure their RU values, and provision a container to handle the entire of request gadgets throughout all requests. You can also scale up or curb your container's throughput because the needs of your utility evolve.


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