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Cosmos DB Interview Questions and Answers

Cosmos DB Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 1 : - What Is Azure Cosmos Db?

Answer - 1 : - Azure Cosmos DB is a globally replicated, multi-model database service that that offers rich querying over schema-free data, helps deliver configurable and reliable performance, and enables rapid development. It's all achieved through a managed platform that's backed by the power and reach of Microsoft Azure. Azure Cosmos DB is the right solution for web, mobile, gaming, and IoT applications when predictable throughput, high availability, low latency, and a schema-free data model are key requirements. It delivers schema flexibility and rich indexing, and it includes multi-document transactional support with integrated JavaScript.

Question - 2 : - What Happened To Document Db?

Answer - 2 : - The DocumentDB API is one of the supported APIs and data models for Azure Cosmos DB. In addition, Azure Cosmos DB supports you with Graph API (Preview), Table API and MongoDB API.

Question - 3 : - How Do I Get To My Documentdb Account In The Azure Portal?

Answer - 3 : - In the Azure portal, click the Azure Cosmos DB icon in the left pane. If you had a DocumentDB account before, you now have an Azure Cosmos DB account, with no change to your billing.

Question - 4 : - What Are The Typical Use Cases For Azure Cosmos Db?

Answer - 4 : - Azure Cosmos DB is a good choice for new web, mobile, gaming, and IoT applications where automatic scale, predictable performance, fast order of millisecond response times, and the ability to query over schema-free data is important. Azure Cosmos DB lends itself to rapid development and supporting the continuous iteration of application data models. Applications that manage user-generated content and data are common use cases for Azure Cosmos DB.

Question - 5 : - How Does Azure Cosmos Db Offer Predictable Performance?

Answer - 5 : - A request unit (RU) is the measure of throughput in Azure Cosmos DB. A 1-RU throughput corresponds to the throughput of the GET of a 1-KB report. Every operation in Azure Cosmos DB, inclusive of reads, writes, SQL queries, and stored process executions, has a deterministic RU price it is based at the throughput required to complete the operation. Instead of considering CPU, IO, and reminiscence and the way they every affect your application throughput, you can think in terms of a unmarried RU measure. You can reserve each Azure Cosmos DB box with provisioned throughput in terms of RUs of throughput according to second. For applications of any scale, you may benchmark person requests to measure their RU values, and provision a container to handle the entire of request gadgets throughout all requests. You can also scale up or curb your container's throughput because the needs of your utility evolve.

Question - 6 : - How Does Azure Cosmos Db Support Various Data Models Such As Key/fee, Columnar, Document And Graph?

Answer - 6 : - Key/cost (desk), columnar, file and graph records fashions are all natively supported due to the ARS (atoms, information and sequences) design that Azure Cosmos DB is constructed on. Atoms, information, and sequences may be without problems mapped and projected to diverse records fashions. The APIs for a subset of models are to be had proper now (DocumentDB, MongoDB, Table, and Graph APIs) and others specific to additional statistics models could be available inside the future. Azure Cosmos DB has a schema agnostic indexing engine able to automatically indexing all the statistics it ingests without requiring any schema or secondary indexes from the developer. The engine is predicated on a set of logical index layouts (inverted, columnar, tree) which decouple the storage format from the index and question processing subsystems. Cosmos DB also has the ability to assist a fixed of wire protocols and APIs in an extensible manner and translate them efficaciously to the middle statistics model (1) and the logical index layouts (2) making it uniquely able to assisting multiple facts fashions natively.

Question - 7 : - Is Azure Cosmos Db Hipaa Compliant?

Answer - 7 : - Yes, Azure Cosmos DB is HIPAA-compliant. HIPAA establishes requirements for the use, disclosure, and safeguarding of individually identifiable fitness records.

Question - 8 : - What Are The Storage Limits Of Azure Cosmos Db?

Answer - 8 : - There is not any restrict to the entire amount of facts that a container can keep in Azure Cosmos DB.

Question - 9 : - What Are The Throughput Limits Of Azure Cosmos Db?

Answer - 9 : - There is no restrict to the whole quantity of throughput that a container can help in Azure Cosmos DB. The key idea is to distribute your workload more or less lightly among a sufficiently massive number of partition keys.

Question - 10 : - How Much Does Azure Cosmos Db Cost?

Answer - 10 : - For information, talk to the Azure Cosmos DB pricing info web page. Azure Cosmos DB utilization charges are determined via the wide variety of provisioned containers, the wide variety of hours the boxes were on-line, and the provisioned throughput for every box. The term containers right here refers back to the DocumentDB API series, Graph API graph, MongoDB API collection, and Table API tables.

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