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CI-CD Interview Questions and Answers

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CI CD Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 11 : -
What are benefits of CI-CD ?

Answer - 11 : -

  • Smaller code changes are simpler (more atomic) and have fewer unintended consequences.
  • Fault isolation is simpler and quicker.
  • Mean time to resolution (MTTR) is shorter because of the smaller code changes and quicker fault isolation.
  • Testability improves due to smaller, specific changes. These smaller changes allow more accurate positive and negative tests.
  • Elapsed time to detect and correct production escapes is shorter with a faster rate of release.
  • The backlog of non-critical defects is lower because defects are often fixed before other feature pressures arise.
  • The product improves rapidly through fast feature introduction and fast turn-around on feature changes.
  • Upgrades introduce smaller units of change and are less disruptive.
  • CI-CD product feature velocity is high. The high velocity improves the time spent investigating and patching defects.
  • Feature toggles and blue-green deploys enable seamless, targeted introduction of new production features.
  • You can introduce critical changes during non-critical (regional) hours. This non-critical hour change introduction limits the potential impact of a deployment problem.

Question - 12 : -
What does Containerization mean?

Answer - 12 : -

  • Containerisation is a type of virtualization strategy that emerged as an alternative to traditional hypervisor-based virtualization.In containerization, the operating system is shared by the different containers rather than cloned for each virtual machine.
  • For example Docker provides a container virtualization platform that serves as a good alternative to hypervisor-based arrangements.

Question - 13 : -
What does CI CD pipeline mean?

Answer - 13 : -

A CI/CD pipeline is a series of steps that must be performed in order to deliver a new version of software. Continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines are a practice focused on improving software delivery using either a DevOps or site reliability engineering (SRE) approach.

Question - 14 : -
Name the factors for Continuous Integration?

Answer - 14 : -

Factors for CI are as follows:
  • Maintain a code repository
  • Automate the build
  • Make the build self-testing
  • Everyone commits to the baseline every day
  • Every commit (to baseline) should be built
  • Keep the build fast
  • Test in a clone of the production environment
  • Make it easy to get the latest deliverables
  • Automate deployment

Question - 15 : -
How CI/CD is different from DevOps?

Answer - 15 : -

CI/CD and DevOps are two related concepts rather than different. CI/CD emphasize the automation of activities carried along the software-defined life cycle from building to delivery. DevOps refers core set of practices for quality software development and focus on culture that removes barriers between operations and engineering team.
DevOps is an agile development practice and mindset that uses agile principles to streamline software building, testing, and release. CI/CD is a DevOps tactic, which makes use of the right automated testing tools to implement agile development.

Question - 16 : -
Explain Blue-Green Deployment Technique?

Answer - 16 : -

Blue-green deployment is a technique that reduces downtime and risk by running two identical production environments called Blue and Green. At any time, only one of the environments is live, with the live environment serving all production traffic.
This technique can eliminate downtime due to application deployment. In addition, blue-green deployment reduces risk: if something unexpected happens with your new version on Green, you can immediately roll back to the last version by switching back to Blue.

Question - 17 : -
What is Continuous Testing (CT) ?

Answer - 17 : -

Continuous testing is the process of executing automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline to obtain immediate feedback on the business risks associated with a software release candidate.It establishes a stable test environment with valid test data at all stages of development Tests should be wide to adapt to an applicaon's change, which affects funconality.

Question - 18 : -
What are the Automation Testing Tools in Continuous Testing?

Answer - 18 : -

  • Testsigma - used for producing steps and is easy for manual testers.It supports connuous tesng and has features such as Test Data Management, Object Repository, and integraon with CI/CD tools.
  • Selenium - used for supporting mulple operang systems and browsers along with various programming languages such as Java, Groovy, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, and Perl.
  • IBM Raonal Funconal Testeris - helps in enabling Shi-Le tesng and helps developers by idenfying bugs early in the development cycle.
  • Tricens Tosca - helps in maintaining and reducing costs, when changes are made to the models they are automatically synchronized for fotting the new model.
  • Unified Functional Testing(UFT) - helps in converting manual tests to automated tests and in reducing redundancy.

Question - 19 : -
What is Virtualization?

Answer - 19 : -

Virtualization is the process of creating a software-based, or virtual, representation of something, such as virtual applications, servers, storage and networks. It is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility for all size businesses.
Virtualization relies on software to simulate hardware functionality and create a virtual computer system. This enables IT organizations to run more than one virtual system - and multiple operating systems and applications - on a single server. The resulting benefits include economies of scale and greater efficiency.

Question - 20 : -
What are 7 DevOps roles?

Answer - 20 : -

  • The DevOps evangelist
  • The release manager
  • The automation architect
  • The software developer/tester
  • The experience assurance (XA) professional
  • The security engineer
  • The utility technology player

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