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Aeronautical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Aeronautical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 1 : - What is Aerodynamics?

Answer - 1 : - Aerodynamics is the field of science that deals with the study of the properties of moving air and its interaction with solid bodies.

Question - 2 : - What did you choose Aerospace Engineering?

Answer - 2 : - In Aerospace Engineering, the Aerospace engineers learn mechanical skills, electrical skills, programming skills, systems engineering, mission planning, etc.

Question - 3 : - What is difference between Inviscid and Viscous flow?

Answer - 3 : -

A viscous flow is a flow where viscosity(relative movement of fluid layers) is important.
An inviscid flow is a flow where viscosity is not important i.e. no shear force between adjacent fluid layers.

Question - 4 : - What is the main function of propulsive thrust in aircraft?

Answer - 4 : - Propulsive thrust is used to overcome the drag of an airplane basically it pushes the aircraft to move forward through the air.

Question - 5 : - What are the laws of gyro-dynamics?

Answer - 5 : -

There are two laws of gyro-dynamics which state that:
A rotating body is mounted in such a way that it has the freedom of movement about any axis.
A rotating body is mounted in such a way that it always passes through its center of mass(COM).

Question - 6 : - What is continuum flow and free molecule flow?

Answer - 6 : -

Continuum flow approaches zero Knudsen number i.e. the mean free path of a fluid molecule is tiny, or the section is enormous.
Free molecular flow states that the mean free path of the gas molecule should be larger than the chamber.

Question - 7 : - What is yawing Motion?

Answer - 7 : - The yawing motion is being caused by the deflection of the rudder of an aircraft i.e. side to side movement of the nose of the aircraft.

Question - 8 : - What are main areas of Aviation?

Answer - 8 : -

The main areas of aviation are :
Aerospace engineering
Air traffic control
Aircraft maintenance
Aviation management
Aviation safety
Cabin crew
Civil and military aviation
Pilot training.

Question - 9 : - What is the main source of power in Aircraft?

Answer - 9 : - Generators or alternators are the main sources of power in Aircraft.

Question - 10 : - What is strain? List its types?

Answer - 10 : -

The amount of deformation experienced by the body in the direction of force applied, divided by initial dimensions of the body is known as strain. Generally, strain is of two types:
Strain Compressive Strain

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