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Accounting Interview Questions and Answers

Accounting Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 121 : - What is Chargeback?

Answer - 121 : -

A chargeback is a process in the industry where wholesaler request amount, which is the difference between the price of manufacture and wholesaler.

Question - 122 : - What Is CMMI?

Answer - 122 : -

CMMI stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration. It is an approach to improve the organization’s approach to get the essential elements of the process.

Question - 123 : - What is CMM?

Answer - 123 : -

Candidate can answer this question as:

CMM is a standard for measuring the maturity of a company’s software development processes. It is judged by IT service providers to deliver high-quality software.

Question - 124 : - Explain Cost Sheets

Answer - 124 : -

The cost sheet contains both direct and indirect expenses incurred in producing any product. The classifying the expenses incurred based on administration, office, distribution, and selling overheads.

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