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Computer Interview Questions Answers

Sharepoint Interview Questions Answers

Question - 51 : - Name the various input forms that can be created for a workflow ?

Answer - 51 : - Association form Initiation form Modification form Task edit form.

Question - 52 : - What is the difference between an Internet and an intranet site?

Answer - 52 : - An internet site is a normal site that anyone on the internet can access (e.g., www.msn.com, www.microsoft.com, etc.). You can set up a site for your company that can be accessed by anyone without any user name and password. An intranet (or internal network), though hosted on the Web, can only be accessed by people who are members of the network. They need to have a login and password that was assigned to them when they were added to the site by the site administrator.

Question - 53 : - Can I get domain name for my Web site?

Answer - 53 : - Unfortunately, no. At this point, we don't offer domain names for SharePoint sites. But very soon we will be making this available for all our SharePoint site customers. Please keep checking this page for further update on this. Meanwhile, we suggest you go ahead and set up your site and create content for it.

Question - 54 : - what is a document library?

Answer - 54 : - A document library is where you upload your core documents. They consist of a row and column view with links to the documents. When the document is updated so is the link on your site. You can also track metadata on your documents. Metadata would consist of document properties.

Question - 55 : - Explain the following: a.) SPSite b.) SPWeb

Answer - 55 : - a.) SPSite - i.)It is a site collection and an be represented as SPSite class in the object model. ii.)SPSite object is a primary entry points to the server object model. iii.)It is used frequently in SharePoint application development. b.) SPWeb - i.) It is a specific site under site collection in Sharepoint. ii.) It is represented as SPWeb class in the server object model.

Question - 56 : - What is Windows SharePoint Services?

Answer - 56 : - Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is the platform on which all SharePoint Products and Technologies are built. It is suitable for small teams, projects and organizations. WSS’s project collaboration, document workspace, meeting sub-site, and discussion board features allow individuals and small teams to collaborate and share information online. New features in WSS 3.0 include - integrated workflows, - RSS feeds, - blogs, - wikis and - ASP-style Web parts.

Question - 57 : - Who is Office SharePoint Server 2007 designed for?

Answer - 57 : - Office SharePoint Server 2007 can be used by information workers, IT administrators, and application developers. is designed

Question - 58 : - What are the various zones in SharePoint?

Answer - 58 : - Zones provide the separate logical paths of authentication for the same web application.  5 zones can be created for each web application : a. Default b. Intranet c. Extranet d. Internet and e. Custom

Question - 59 : - Can SharePoint be linked to a SQL database?

Answer - 59 : - This is possible via a custom application, but it not natively supported by SharePoint or SQL Server.

Question - 60 : - Are there any IT requirements or downloads required to set up my SharePoint site?

Answer - 60 : - No. You do not need to download any code or plan for any IT support. Simply complete the on-line signup process and provide us your current and correct email address. Once you have successfully signed up and your site has been provisioned, we will send a confirmation to the email address you provided.

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