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Computer Interview Questions Answers

Sharepoint Interview Questions Answers

Question - 21 : - what is the difference between a document library and a form library?

Answer - 21 : - Document libraries consist of your core documents. An example would be a word document, excel, powerpoint, visio, pdf, etc… Form libraries consist of XML forms.

Question - 22 : - What do you mean by Field Control ?

Answer - 22 : - Field controls are ASP.NET 2.0 server controls. They provide basic field functionality in SharePoint. They also provide basic general functionality such as displaying or editing list data as it appears on SharePoint list pages.

Question - 23 : - What do you mean by WSP?

Answer - 23 : - WSP stands for Web Solution Package. It is a cabinet file that contains assemblies, resource files, features, images, application pages, site definitions etc. into single file. Whenever any customization or upgradation or updation is carried out in SharePoint, various items like assemblies, resource files, features, images, application pages, site definitions etc. are required to deployed. It becomes difficult to deploy these items separately in development, staging and production. This called for a powerful deployment tool in the form of WSP.

Question - 24 : - What is SharePoint from an Administration Perspective?

Answer - 24 : - Administering SharePoint mainly consists of setting it up, which is much easier than you expect, adding the content, which can be just dragging and dropping in whole directory structures and files, and then organizing the files better by giving them categories or other metadata. This is done either through the Web interface or through the SharePoint Client: a program what means you can access SharePoint as a Web folder and then right-click files to select options like "edit profile". Or add files by dragging them in individually or in bulk. Setting the security is also important, using NT accounts, either NT4 or Active Directory (or both in mixed mode) you can give users access to files/folders the same way as you do in standard Windows. Users can be grouped and the groups given access privileges to help manage this better. Also SharePoint has 3 Roles that a User or Group can be given on a particular item. Readers can see the item (i.e. document/file or folder) but not change it, Authors can see and edit items and coordinators can set security privileges for the part of the system they have control over. Thus, you could set 12 different coordinators for 12 different folder trees, and they could manage who can do what within that area only.

Question - 25 : - How is AllowUnsafeUpdates used?

Answer - 25 : - When a developer updates the content database without requiring a security validation AllowUnsafeUpdates property is set to true. One the operation is carrried out, the property is again set to false .

Question - 26 : - Explain Content types in Sharepoint.

Answer - 26 : - A content type is a WSS type definition which is flexible and reusable. It is used to define the columns and behavior for an item in a list or a document in a document library.

Question - 27 : - what is a document workspace?

Answer - 27 : - Document workspaces consist of information surrounding a single or multiple documents.

Question - 28 : - Explain an ancestral type. How is it related to content types?

Answer - 28 : - An ancestral type is the base type that the content typed is derived from.  It defines the metadata fields included with the custom content type.

Question - 29 : - How is SharePoint Portal Server different from the Site Server?

Answer - 29 : - Site Server has search capabilities but these are more advanced using SharePoint. SPS uses digital dashboard technology which provides a nice interface for creating web parts and showing them on dashboards (pages). SS doesn't have anything as advanced as that. The biggest difference would be SPS document management features which also integrate with web folders and MS Office.

Question - 30 : - What suites of the 2007 Microsoft Office system work with Office SharePoint Server 2007?

Answer - 30 : - Office Outlook 2007 provides bidirectional offline synchronization with SharePoint document libraries, discussion groups, contacts, calendars, and tasks. Microsoft Office Groove 2007, included as part of Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, will enable bidirectional offline synchronization with SharePoint document libraries. Features such as the document panel and the ability to publish to Excel Services will only be enabled when using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007or Office Enterprise 2007. Excel Services will only work with documents saved in the new Office Excel 2007 file format (XLSX).

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