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Computer Interview Questions Answers

SAP Report Interview Questions Answers

Question - 51 : - What is CAT?

Answer - 51 : - "CAT" Computer Aided Test Tool. Used to create test cases for application testing purposes.

Question - 52 : - What are Function Modules?

Answer - 52 : - Function modules is a extranal subroutine.we can call it to outside the program.its a mini program. its used for redues the coding,easy to find error. Function modules is like a small program (is not a suboutine because sub-routines are not standalone objects-i.e we cannot execute them alone) which are similar to 'functions' in C. We can pass the varible and get the return values even with out knowing what is happening in its code. They are standalone programs-i.e.we can debug and execute them alone unlike subroutines and macros and includes.

Question - 53 : - How many interactive reports did you write?

Answer - 53 : - In an Interactive Report, user can define maximum 20 secondary lists.

Question - 54 : - BDC Transaction code?

Answer - 54 : - Transaction code for bdc :SHDB

Question - 55 : - What is LDB?

Answer - 55 : - Logical Database is an ABAP program which retrieves data from various tables Which are interrelated and provides a read only view of the data.

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