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Computer Interview Questions Answers

SAP Report Interview Questions Answers

Question - 31 : - Have you created any transactions?

Answer - 31 : - Yes, We can use TC SE93 for creating our own transaction code.

Question - 32 : - Can you call Report in SAP Script?

Answer - 32 : - Yes, we can. Just write in Line editor: /:perform f_display_report -------------- ---------- ---------- /:endperform THIS PERFORM WOULD BE DECLARED IN THE PRINT PROGRAMME IN WHICH YOU CAN ALWAYS WRITE STATEMENT SUBMIT REPORT...

Question - 33 : - What is a binary search?

Answer - 33 : - Binary Search is used in internal table for searching the records. its means record searched one by one from top & bottom both side.so its a easy nd fast way to find the record.bt pointer searching is better.

Question - 34 : - What is an “Unpack command”

Answer - 34 : - UNPACK field1TO field2 .Unpacks the packed field field1 and places it in the field field2 with leading zeros. If field2 is too short, it is truncated on the left.

Question - 35 : - What is ALE, IDOC , EDI , RFC. Explain briefly.

Answer - 35 : - ALE: application linking enabling IDOC: intermediatary documents EDI: electronic data interchange RFC: remote function call

Question - 36 : - What are event keywords in reports?

Answer - 36 : - Events keywords in Reports are For Classical Reports, 1.Initialization 2. At line-selection 3. Start-of-selection 4.Top-of-page 5. At user-command 6.End-of-selection 7. End-of-page 8.At Pfn For Interactive Reports, 9.At line-selection 10. Top-of-page during line selection For LDB (Logical DataBase) Reports, 10. get 11.put 12. get table 1. Initialization 2. At line-selection 3. Start-of-selection 4.Top-of-page 5. Top-of -page during at line-selection 6. At PF 7. At user-command 8.End-of-selection 9. End-of-page  

Question - 37 : - What are user exits? What are customer exits?

Answer - 37 : - User exits and customer exits are the same thing. Both are used to give the customer the chance to influence the outcome of a process(-step) in some way, without having to change the standard SAP software. For example: if an order is entered in the system, availability checks, credit checks etc. could be performed by the system but just before writing the order to the database, the program runs a user exit. In this user exit, your code could change some fields in the order or write an entry in a table that you created for some reason.

Question - 38 : - What is the Difference Between Tablecontrols and Step Loops?

Answer - 38 : - Table controls have both horizontal and vertical scrollers and cursor control logic is designed implicitly. Step loops have only horizontal scrollers and cursor control logic is to be designed by the user explicitly.

Question - 39 : - Have you worked with reading and writing data on to files?

Answer - 39 : - YES, open dataset <filename> for output. read dataset <filename> from itab. close dataset <filename>.

Question - 40 : - What is the difference between transparent and non transparent database tables?

Answer - 40 : - Transparent tables have 1 - 1 cardinality b/w Data Dictionary and Database, and non transparent ( Cluster and Pooled) tables have Many - 1 cardinality. Transparent table can access with using OPen & NAtive SQL stmts where as Nontransparent only OPen Sql. Transparent trables can store Table relevent data and non transparent tables can store system data/ application data based on the transparent tables

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