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Computer Interview Questions Answers

SAP ABAP Interview Questions Answers

Question - 41 : - What is the use of pretty printer ?

Answer - 41 : - Exactly where can we link the functional module to abap coding. Pretty Printer is used to format the ABAP Code we write in ABAP Editor ,like KEY WORDS in Capitals and remaining are in small letters which is also depend on system settings. We can call the function module in the ABAP Code .Press the Pattern button on Appl. tool bar then u will get box where u write the function module NAME which u want to call in the code by selecting the radio button CALL FUNCTION. In this way we link function module to ABAP Code.

Question - 42 : - What is the difference between Table and Template?

Answer - 42 : - table is a dynamic and template is a static

Question - 43 : - Have you used performance tuning? What major steps will you use for these?

Answer - 43 : - First of all tunning can be done In three ways: disk i/o ,sql tunning , memory tunning, Before tunning u have to get the status of your database using Oracle utility called statpack , tkprof, then you should go for tunning

Question - 44 : - What are the functional modules used in sequence in BDC?

Answer - 44 : - These are the 3 functional modules which are used in a sequence to perform a data transfer successfully using BDC programming: BDC_OPEN_GROUP - Parameters like Name of the client, sessions and user name are specified in this functional modules. BDC_INSERT - It is used to insert the data for one transaction into a session. BDC_CLOSE_GROUP - This is used to close the batch input session.

Question - 45 : - What are the events in ABAP/4 language?

Answer - 45 : - Initialization, At selection-screen, Start-of-selection, end-of-selection, top-of-page, end-of-page, At line-selection, At user-command, At PF, Get, At New, At LAST, AT END, AT FIRST.

Question - 46 : - What are the components of SAP scripts?

Answer - 46 : - SAP scripts is a word processing tool of SAP which has the following components: Standard text. It is like a standard normal documents. Layout sets. - Layout set consists of the following components: Windows and pages, Paragraph formats, Character formats. Creating forms in the R/3 system. Every layout set consists of Header, paragraph, and character string. ABAP/4 program.

Question - 47 : - What is the difference between macro and subroutine?

Answer - 47 : - Macros can only be used in the program the are defined in and only after the definition are expanded at compilation / generation. Subroutines (FORM) can be called from both the program the are defined in and other programs . A MACRO is more or less an abbreviation for some lines of code that are used more than once or twice. A FORM is a local subroutine (which can be called external). A FUNCTION is (more or less) a subroutine that is called external. Since debugging a MACRO is not really possible, prevent the use of them (I’ve never used them, but seen them in action). If the subroutine is used only local (called internal) use a FORM. If the subroutine is called external (used by more than one program) use a FUNCTION.

Question - 48 : - Describe data classes.

Answer - 48 : - Master data: It is the data which is seldom changed. Transaction data: It is the data which is often changed. Organization data: It is a customizing data which is entered in the system when the system is configured and is then rarely changed. System data:It is the data which R/3 system needs for itself.

Question - 49 : - On ABAP: Did you set up a workflow? Are you familiar with all steps for setting up a workflow?

Answer - 49 : - Yes. Execute the Txn SWDD(Creating a new Workflow). In the header of the Workflow, define the Business Object and Event you refer to for triggering the Wf. Create the Steps required for your workflow(Activity). Inside the Activity, Create the task and assign the Business Object and the related method for that business object. Activate the Workflow.

Question - 50 : - What are different ABAP/4 editors? What are the differences?

Answer - 50 : - The 2 editors are se38 and se80 both have the abap editor in place. In se38 you can go create programs and view online reports and basically do all thedevelopmet of objects in this editor. In se80 ( object navigator) there are additional features such as creating packages,module pool , function group ,classes, programs ( where you can create ur programs) and BSP applications .

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