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Computer Interview Questions Answers

SAP ABAP Interview Questions Answers

Question - 21 : - What is Field symbol ?

Answer - 21 : - You can use field symbols to make the program more dynamic. In this example the name of a table control is substituted by a field symbol. Thus you cal call the form with any internal table, using the name of the table control as a parameter. Example form insert_row using p_tc_name. field-symbols <tc> type cxtab_control. "Table control assign (p_tc_name) to <tc>. * insert 100 lines in table control <tc>-lines = 100. ================== fieldsymbol has the same concept as pointer in c, fieldsymbol don't point to a data type like char, num instead of that it points to the memory block. the syntax for fieldsymbol is FIELD-SYMBOL <N>. EG. FOR FIELD SYMBOL. DATA: DAT LIKE SY-DATUM, TIM LIKE SY-UZEIT, CHAR(3) TYPE C VALUE 'ADF'. FIELD-SYMBOL : <FS>. MOVE DAT TO <FS>. WRITE:/ <FS>. MOVE TIM TO <FS>. WRITE:/ <FS>. MOVE CHAR TO <FS>. WRITE:/ <FS>. The output will be Today's date current time

Question - 22 : - What are the domains and data elements?

Answer - 22 : - domains: ___________ domains are the dictionary objects that are assigned with constants and data types data elements: ______________ data elements are dictionary objects that are assigned with the domains. uses:' * data elements are used to create relation between tables. * data elements are used to transfer the data from one R/3 to another R/3. * to create search helps.

Question - 23 : - How we format the data before before write statement in report ?

Answer - 23 : - We can format the reports output by using the loop events like: 1.at first 2.at new 3.at last etc check docu

Question - 24 : - How can I make a differentiation between dependent and independent data?

Answer - 24 : - Client dependent or independent transfer requirements include client specific or cross client objects in the change requests. Workbench objects like SAPscripts are client specific, some entries in customizing are client independent. If you display the object list for one change request, and then for each object the object attributes, you will find the flag client specific. If one object in the task list has this flag on, then that transport will be client dependent.

Question - 25 : - What is Smart Forms?

Answer - 25 : - Smart Forms allows you to create forms using a graphical design tool with robust functionality, color, and more. Additionally, all new forms developed at SAP will be created with the new Smart Form solution.

Question - 26 : - What is an ABAP/4 Query?

Answer - 26 : - ABAP/4 Query is a powerful tool to generate simple reports without any coding. ABAP/4 Query can generate the following 3 simple reports: Basic List: It is the simple reports. Statistics: Reports with statistical functions like Average, Percentages. Ranked Lists: For analytical reports. - For creating a ABAP/4 Query, programmer has to create user group and a functional group. Functional group can be created using with or without logical database table. Finally, assign user group to functional group. Finally, create a query on the functional group generated.

Question - 27 : - In events start-of-selection is default event. When we have to use this event explicitly? Why?

Answer - 27 : - The default event in the ABAP is Start-of-selection.We have to call explicitely this event when you are writing other than ths event , that is when you write AT SELECTION-SCREEN EVENTS OR INITIALIZATION EVENT etc,you have to explicitely mention the Start-of-selection event while you are writing the logic. Before these events called ,all the code you have written come into this default Start-of-selection screen event.

Question - 28 : - How do you connect to the remote server if you are working from the office for the client in remote place.

Answer - 28 : - WAS web application server or ITS are generally used for this purpose. If you are sitting at your office with a server which is in the system and the other server is at the clients place you can generate IDOC, intermidiate documents which carry the data you want to transfer or the documents you want to transfer, these IDOC are interpretted by the system at the recieving end with the message class with which it is bound with. If you want to logon a system which is very distant..then remote login can be used this depends on the internet speed.

Question - 29 : - Which one is not an exit comand ? (Exit, cencle, stop, back)

Answer - 29 : - STOP. Effect :The statement STOP is only to be used in executable programs EXIT. Effect :If the EXIT statement is executed outside of a loop, it will immediately terminate the current processing block. BACK. Effect : This statement positions the list cursor on the first position of the first line in a logical unit. So "Cancle" is not an exit command

Question - 30 : - What is BDC programming?

Answer - 30 : - Transferring of large/external/legacy data into SAP system using Batch Input programming. Batch input is a automatic procedure referred to as BDC(Batch Data Communications). The central component of the transfer is a queue file which receives the data vie a batch input programs and groups associated data into “sessions”.

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