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ASP Interview Questions Answers

Question 1 : What variable can you use to share info across the whole application for one user?

Answer 1 : Use the sessions object

Question 2 : What is string concatenation function in VBScript?

Answer 2 : the ampersand symbol and ampersand space underscore across multiple lines

Question 3 : Which is the default Scripting Language on the client side?

Answer 3 : JavaScript

Question 4 : What are Scripting Objects?

Answer 4 : Objects that can enhance the application are known as the Scripting Objects.

Question 5 : What is the Order of precedence for LOGICAL Operators ?

Answer 5 : NOT, AND, OR, XOR, EQV, IMP

Question 6 : What are LOCAL and GLOBAL variables?

Answer 6 : Local variables lifetime ends when the Procedure ends. Global variables lifetime begins at the start of the script and ends at the end of the script and it can be used by any procedure within the script. Declaring a variable by using the keyword PRIVATE makes the variable global within the script, but if declared using PUBLIC, then all scripts can refer the variable.

Question 7 : What are the advantages of using ASP?

Answer 7 : Minimizes network traffic by limiting the need for the browser and server to talk to each other Makes for quicker loading time since HTML pages are only downloaded Allows to run programs in languages that are not supported by the browser Can provide the client with data that does not reside on the client’s machine Provides improved security measures since the script cannot be viewed by the browser

Question 8 : Name the ASP Objects?

Answer 8 : Request Object Response Object Server Object Session Object Application Object

Question 9 : What is a Dictionary object?

Answer 9 : It lets you store and retrieve information in a flexible data structure. Each value or information stored in a Dictionary is associated with a key through which the information can be retrieved.

Question 10 : What is Global.asa file?

Answer 10 : It is text file that contains details about an ASP application, such as when it should begin and end.

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