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Computer Interview Questions Answers

Oracle Interview Questions Answers

Question - 81 : - What are the type of Synonyms?

Answer - 81 : - There are two types of Synonyms Private and Public.

Question - 82 : - What is the diff. bet. setting up of parameters in reports 2.0 reports2.5?

Answer - 82 : - LOVs can be attached to parameters in the reports 2.5 parameter form.

Question - 83 : - What is the effect of setting the value "ALL_ROWS" for OPTIMIZER_GOAL parameter of the ALTER SESSION command ? What are the factors that affect OPTIMIZER in choosing an Optimization approach ?

Answer - 83 : - Answer The OPTIMIZER_MODE initialization parameter Statistics in the Data Dictionary the OPTIMIZER_GOAL parameter of the ALTER SESSION command hints in the statement.

Question - 84 : - What is default tablespace ?

Answer - 84 : - The Tablespace to contain schema objects created without specifying a tablespace name.

Question - 85 : - What is the "LOV of Validation" Property of an item? What is the use of it?

Answer - 85 : - When LOV for Validation is set to True, Oracle Forms compares the current value of the text item to the values in the first column displayed in the LOV. Whenever the validation event occurs. If the value in the text item matches one of the values in the first column of the LOV, validation succeeds, the LOV is not displayed, and processing continues normally. If the value in the text item does not match one of the values in the first column of the LOV, Oracle Forms displays the LOV and uses the text item value as the search criteria to automatically reduce the list.

Question - 86 : - What is a Schema ?

Answer - 86 : - The set of objects owned by user account is called the schema.

Question - 87 : - What are the different Levels of Auditing ?

Answer - 87 : - Statement Auditing, Privilege Auditing and Object Auditing.

Question - 88 : - How can a text file be attached to a report while creating in the report writer?

Answer - 88 : - By using the link file property in the layout boiler plate property sheet.

Question - 89 : - What is a cluster Key ?

Answer - 89 : - The related columns of the tables are called the cluster key. The cluster key is indexed using a cluster index and its value is stored only once for multiple tables in the cluster.

Question - 90 : - What are the different styles of activation of ole Objects?

Answer - 90 : - In place activationExternal activation

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