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Computer Interview Questions Answers

Oracle Interview Questions Answers

Question - 241 : - What is Auditing ?

Answer - 241 : - Monitoring of user access to aid in the investigation of database use.

Question - 242 : - Explain the relationship among Database, Tablespace and Data file?

Answer - 242 : - Each databases logically divided into one or more tablespaces one or more data files are explicitly created for each tablespace

Question - 243 : - State any three mouse events system variables?

Answer - 243 : - System.mouse_button_pressedSystem.mouse_button_shift

Question - 244 : - What is Object Auditing ?

Answer - 244 : - Object auditing is the auditing of accesses to specific schema objects without regard to user.

Question - 245 : - What are the two repeating frame always associated with matrix object?

Answer - 245 : - One down repeating frame below one across repeating frame.

Question - 246 : - Can objects of the same schema reside in different tablespaces?

Answer - 246 : - Yes.

Question - 247 : - How does one coalesce free space ? (for DBA)

Answer - 247 : - SMON coalesces free space (extents) into larger, contiguous extents every 2 hours and even then, only for a short period of time. SMON will not coalesce free space if a tablespace's default storage parameter "pctincrease" is set to 0. With Oracle 7.3 one can manually coalesce a tablespace using the ALTER TABLESPACE ... COALESCE; command, until then use: SQL> alter session set events 'immediate trace name coalesce level n'; Where 'n' is the tablespace number you get from SELECT TS#, NAME FROM SYS.TS$; You can get status information about this process by selecting from the SYS.DBA_FREE_SPACE_COALESCED dictionary view.

Question - 248 : - What third party tools can be used with Oracle EBU/ RMAN? (for DBA)

Answer - 248 : - The following Media Management Software Vendors have integrated their media management software packages with Oracle Recovery Manager and Oracle7 Enterprise Backup Utility. The Media Management Vendors will provide first line technical support for the integrated backup/recover solutions. Veritas NetBackup EMC Data Manager (EDM) HP OMNIBack II IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager - formerly ADSM Legato Networker ManageIT Backup and Recovery Sterling Software's SAMS:Alexandria - formerly from Spectralogic Sun Solstice Backup

Question - 249 : - What is a deadlock ? Explain .

Answer - 249 : - Two processes wating to update the rows of a table which are locked by the other process then deadlock arises. In a database environment this will often happen because of not issuing proper row lock commands. Poor design of front-end application may cause this situation and the performance of server will reduce drastically. These locks will be released automatically when a commit/rollback operation performed or any one of this processes being killed externally.

Question - 250 : - Differentiate simple and complex, snapshots ?

Answer - 250 : - - A simple snapshot is based on a query that does not contains GROUP BY clauses, CONNECT BY clauses, JOINs, sub-query or snashot of operations. - A complex snapshots contain atleast any one of the above.

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