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Computer Interview Questions Answers

Oracle Interview Questions Answers

Question - 231 : - What is the use of place holder column? What are the various sub events a mouse double click event involves?

Answer - 231 : - A placeholder column is used to hold calculated values at a specified place rather than allowing is to appear in the actual row where it has to appear.

Question - 232 : - If a parameter is used in a query without being previously defined, what diff. exist between. report 2.0 and 2.5 when the query is applied?

Answer - 232 : - While both reports 2.0 and 2.5 create the parameter, report 2.5 gives a message that a bind parameter has been created.

Question - 233 : - What are Schema Objects?

Answer - 233 : - Schema objects are the logical structures that directly refer to the database's data. Schema objects include tables, views, sequences, synonyms, indexes, clusters, database triggers, procedures, functions packages and database links.

Question - 234 : - What are the basic element of Base configuration of an oracle Database ?

Answer - 234 : - It consists of one or more data files. one or more control files. two or more redo log files. The Database contains multiple users/schemas one or more rollback segments one or more tablespaces Data dictionary tables User objects (table,indexes,views etc.,) The server that access the database consists of SGA (Database buffer, Dictionary Cache Buffers, Redo log buffers, Shared SQL pool) SMON (System MONito) PMON (Process MONitor) LGWR (LoG Write) DBWR (Data Base Write) ARCH (ARCHiver) CKPT (Check Point) RECO Dispatcher User Process with associated PGS

Question - 235 : - What is trigger associated with the timer?

Answer - 235 : - When-timer-expired.

Question - 236 : - What is the use of transactional triggers?

Answer - 236 : - Using transactional triggers we can control or modify the default functionality of the oracle forms.

Question - 237 : - What are the two types of views available in the object navigator(specific to report 2.5)?

Answer - 237 : - View by structure and view by type .

Question - 238 : - What is mean by Program Global Area (PGA)?

Answer - 238 : - It is area in memory that is used by a single Oracle user process.

Question - 239 : - What is the difference between object embedding & linking in Oracle forms?

Answer - 239 : - In Oracle forms, Embedded objects become part of the form module, and linked objects are references from a form module to a linked source file.

Question - 240 : - What is the advantage of the library?

Answer - 240 : - Libraries provide a convenient means of storing client-side program units and sharing them among multiple applications. Once you create a library, you can attach it to any other form, menu, or library modules. When you can call library program units from triggers menu items commands and user named routine, you write in the modules to which you have attach the library. When a library attaches another library, program units in the first library can reference program units in the attached library. Library support dynamic loading-that is library program units are loaded into an application only when needed. This can significantly reduce the run-time memory requirements of applications.

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