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Computer Interview Questions Answers

Oracle Interview Questions Answers

Question - 1 : - What database aspects should be monitored? (for DBA)

Answer - 1 : - One should implement a monitoring system to constantly monitor the following aspects of a database. Writing custom scripts, implementing Oracle's Enterprise Manager, or buying a third-party monitoring product can achieve this. If an alarm is triggered, the system should automatically notify the DBA (e-mail, page, etc.) to take appropriate action. Infrastructure availability: . Is the database up and responding to requests . Are the listeners up and responding to requests . Are the Oracle Names and LDAP Servers up and responding to requests . Are the Web Listeners up and responding to requests Things that can cause service outages: . Is the archive log destination filling up? . Objects getting close to their max extents . User and process limits reached Things that can cause bad performance:

Question - 2 : - What is a synonym?

Answer - 2 : - A synonym is an alias for a table, view, sequence or program unit.

Question - 3 : - What is COST-based approach to optimization ?

Answer - 3 : - Considering available access paths and determining the most efficient execution plan based on statistics in the data dictionary for the tables accessed by the statement and their associated clusters and indexes.

Question - 4 : - What is synchronize?

Answer - 4 : - It is a terminal screen with the internal state of the form. It updates the screen display to reflect the information that oracle forms has in its internal representation of the screen.

Question - 5 : - How can you Enforce Referential Integrity in snapshots ?

Answer - 5 : - Time the references to occur when master tables are not in use. Peform the reference the manually immdiately locking the master tables. We can join tables in snopshots by creating a complex snapshots that will based on the master tables.

Question - 6 : - From which designation is it preferred to send the output to the printed?

Answer - 6 : - Previewer

Question - 7 : - Is it possible to modify an external query in a report which contains it?

Answer - 7 : - No.

Question - 8 : - Is it possible to link two groups inside a cross products after the cross products group has been created?

Answer - 8 : - no

Question - 9 : - What are parameters?

Answer - 9 : - Parameters provide a simple mechanism for defining and setting the valuesof inputs that are required by a form at startup. Form parameters are variables of type char,number,date that you define at design time.

Question - 10 : - What are the two phases of block coordination?

Answer - 10 : - There are two phases of block coordination: the clear phase and the population phase. During, the clear phase, Oracle Forms navigates internally to the detail block and flushes the obsolete detail records. During the population phase, Oracle Forms issues a SELECT statement to repopulate the detail block with detail records associated with the new master record. These operations are accomplished through the execution of triggers.

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