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Computer Interview Questions Answers

J2EE Interview Questions Answers

Question - 71 : - What is callback methods ?  

Answer - 71 : - Component methods called by the container to notify the component of important events in its life cycle.  

Question - 72 : - What is authorization constraint ?  

Answer - 72 : - An authorization rule that determines who is permitted to access a Web resource collection.

Question - 73 : - What is IDL ?  

Answer - 73 : - Interface Definition Language. A language used to define interfaces to remote CORBA objects. The interfaces are independent of operating systems and programming languages.  

Question - 74 : - What is commit ?  

Answer - 74 : - The point in a transaction when all updates to any resources involved in the transaction are made permanent.

Question - 75 : - What is Enterprise JavaBeans Query Language (EJB QL) ?

Answer - 75 : - Defines the queries for the finder and select methods of an entity bean having container-managed persistence. A subset of SQL92, EJB QL has extensions that allow navigation over the relationships defined in an entity bean's abstract schema.

Question - 76 : - What is container-managed persistence ?  

Answer - 76 : - The mechanism whereby data transfer between an entity bean's variables and a resource manager is managed by the entity bean's container.  

Question - 77 : - What is authentication ?  

Answer - 77 : - The process that verifies the identity of a user, device, or other entity in a computer system, usually as a prerequisite to allowing access to resources in a system. The Java servlet specification requires three types of authentication-basic, form-based, and mutual-and supports digest authentication.  

Question - 78 : - What is J2EE application ?    

Answer - 78 : - Any deployable unit of J2EE functionality. This can be a single J2EE module or a group of modules packaged into an EAR file along with a J2EE application deployment descriptor. J2EE applications are typically engineered to be distributed across multiple computing tiers.     

Question - 79 : - What is CDATA ?  

Answer - 79 : - A predefined XML tag for character data that means "don't interpret these characters," as opposed to parsed character data (PCDATA), in which the normal rules of XML syntax apply. CDATA sections are typically used to show examples of XML syntax.  

Question - 80 : - What is Interview Questions - Home interface ?

Answer - 80 : - One of two interfaces for an enterprise bean. The Interview Questions - Home interface defines zero or more methods for managing an enterprise bean. The Interview Questions - Home interface of a session bean defines create and remove methods, whereas the Interview Questions - Home interface of an entity bean defines create, finder, and remove methods.

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