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Computer Interview Questions Answers

J2EE Interview Questions Answers

Question - 41 : - What is connector ?  

Answer - 41 : - A standard extension mechanism for containers that provides connectivity to enterprise information systems. A connector is specific to an enterprise information system and consists of a resource adapter and application development tools for enterprise information system connectivity. The resource adapter is plugged in to a container through its support for system-level contracts defined in the Connector architecture.

Question - 42 : - What is client-certificate authentication ?  

Answer - 42 : - An authentication mechanism that uses HTTP over SSL, in which the server and, optionally, the client authenticate each other with a public key certificate that conforms to a standard that is defined by X.509 Public Key Infrastructure.  

Question - 43 : - What is binding (XML) ?  

Answer - 43 : - Generating the code needed to process a well-defined portion of XML data.  

Question - 44 : - What is an entity ?

Answer - 44 : - A distinct, individual item that can be included in an XML document by referencing it. Such an entity reference can name an entity as small as a character (for example, <, which references the less-than symbol or left angle bracket, <). An entity reference can also reference an entire document, an external entity, or a collection of DTD definitions.

Question - 45 : - What is ebXML ?

Answer - 45 : - Electronic Business XML. A group of specifications designed to enable enterprises to conduct business through the exchange of XML-based messages. It is sponsored by OASIS and the United Nations Centre for the Facilitation of Procedures and Practices in Administration, Commerce and Transport (U.N./CEFACT).

Question - 46 : - What are the components of J2EE application?

Answer - 46 : - A J2EE component is a self-contained functional software unit that is assembled into a J2EE application with its related classes and files and communicates with other components. The J2EE specification defines the following J2EE components:    Application clients and applets are client components.    Java Servlet and JavaServer PagesTM (JSPTM) technology components are web components.    Enterprise JavaBeansTM (EJBTM) components (enterprise beans) are business components.    Resource adapter components provided by EIS and tool vendors.

Question - 47 : - What is caller ?  

Answer - 47 : - Same as caller principal.

Question - 48 : - What is "application client container" ?

Answer - 48 : - A container that supports application client components.

Question - 49 : - What is EJB container ?

Answer - 49 : - A container that implements the EJB component contract of the J2EE architecture. This contract specifies a runtime environment for enterprise beans that includes security, concurrency, life-cycle management, transactions, deployment, naming, and other services. An EJB container is provided by an EJB or J2EE server.

Question - 50 : - What is HTTPS ?

Answer - 50 : - HTTP layered over the SSL protocol.

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