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Computer Interview Questions Answers

Computer Interview Questions Answers

Question - 61 : - Which is faster -- Kbps or Mbps?

Answer - 61 : - Kbps stands for "kilobits per second," while Mbps stands for "megabits per second." Because one megabit is equal to 1024 kilobits, 1.0 Mbps is over 1000 times faster than 1.0 Kbps. Note that the lowercase "b" in Kbps and Mbps means "bit," not byte. One byte is equal to eight bits. For example, 2 MBps equals 16 Mbps. This is a small but important difference to be aware of. Data transfer rates are typically measured in bits, while data storage capacity is usually measured in bytes.

Question - 62 : - What is delegation ?

Answer - 62 : - An act whereby one principal authorizes another principal to use its identity or privileges with some restrictions.

Question - 63 : - What is meant by Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP)?

Answer - 63 : - It imposses hierarchy and a division of labour among processors. Only one designated processor, the master, controls (in a tightly coupled arrangement) slave processors dedicated to specific functions.

Question - 64 : - What is meant by Middleware?

Answer - 64 : - Middleware is a distributed software needed to support interaction between clients and servers. In short, it is the software that is in the middle of the Client/Server systems and it acts as a bridge between the clients and servers. It starts with the API set on the client side that is used to invoke a service and it covers the transmission of the request over the network and the resulting response. It neither includes the software that provides the actual service - that is in the servers domain nor the user interface or the application login - that's in clients domain.

Question - 65 : - How can I upgrade my computer to USB 2.0 ?

Answer - 65 : - The answer to this question depends on if you have a desktop or a laptop computer. If you have a desktop, you need at least one available PCI slot. This expansion slot is located on the back of your computer and and is usually covered by a metal plate that you must remove before installing a PCI card. You can install a USB 2.0 PCI card into this slot, which will give your computer USB 2.0 connectivity. Most USB 2.0 cards have several USB ports on them, so you can connect multiple USB devices to the card. If you have a laptop, your computer will need to have a PCMCIA slot. (It is also called a PC card slot, which is much easier to say.) The slot is typically located on the side of the computer and is a little over five centimeters wide. It should be covered by a protective flap that will push in when you press on it. You can install a USB 2.0 PC card into this slot, which will give your computer one or more USB 2.0 connections. As long as your operating system supports USB 2.0, you can install a USB 2.0 card whether or not your computer already has USB 1.1. Note that connecting a USB 2.0 hub or USB 2.0 device to a USB 1.1 port will cause the device to run at the slower USB 1.1 speed. Since USB 2.0 is 30-40 times faster than USB 1.1, it may be worth the upgrade.

Question - 66 : - What is document root ?  

Answer - 66 : - The top-level directory of a WAR. The document root is where JSP pages, client-side classes and archives, and static Web resources are stored.  

Question - 67 : - What is DDP ?

Answer - 67 : - Document-driven programming. The use of XML to define applications.

Question - 68 : - What is a "Global Inbox" and how is it used?

Answer - 68 : - A Global Inbox is an e-mail feature that consolidates the Inboxes of several e-mail accounts. For example, a user may have three different e-mail accounts, such as a work account, home account, and a free Yahoo! Mail account. A global inbox would store the messages from all three accounts in a single inbox. E-mail programs like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird allow users to select the "Global Inbox" option within the program's preferences. If this option is selected, all incoming e-mails will be saved in a universal mailbox, making it easy to view all the messages at one time. However, this can also make it difficult to determine which address each message was sent to. Fortunately, you can still check the "To:" field in each message's header to see which account received the message. Apple's Mac OS X Mail program lists individual Inboxes by default, but also displays a Global Inbox at the top of the list. The user can select this Inbox to view an aggregate of all messages received by the mail program.

Question - 69 : - What are your greatest weakness ?

Answer - 69 : - Disguise a strength as a weakness. Example: “I sometimes push my people too hard. I like to work with a sense of urgency and everyone is not always on the same wavelength.” Drawback: This strategy is better than admitting a flaw, but it's so widely used, it is transparent to any experienced interviewer. BEST ANSWER: (and another reason it's so important to get a thorough description of your interviewer's needs before you answer questions): Assure the interviewer that you can think of nothing that would stand in the way of your performing in this position with excellence. Then, quickly review you strongest qualifications. Example: “Nobody's perfect, but based on what you've told me about this position, I believe I' d make an outstanding match. I know that when I hire people, I look for two things most of all. Do they have the qualifications to do the job well, and the motivation to do it well? Everything in my background shows I have both the qualifications and a strong desire to achieve excellence in whatever I take on. So I can say in all honesty that I see nothing that would cause you even a small concern about my ability or my strong desire to perform this job with excellence.” Alternate strategy (if you don't yet know enough about the position to talk about such a perfect fit): Instead of confessing a weakness, describe what you like most and like least, making sure that what you like most matches up with the most important qualification for success in the position, and what you like least is not essential. Example: Let's say you're applying for a teaching position. “If given a choice, I like to spend as much time as possible in front of my prospects selling, as opposed to shuffling paperwork back at the office. Of course, I long ago learned the importance of filing paperwork properly, and I do it conscientiously. But what I really love to do is sell (if your interviewer were a sales manager, this should be music to his ears.)

Question - 70 : - What is meant by 2-Tier architecture?

Answer - 70 : - In 2-tier Client/Server systems, the application logic is either burried inside the user interface on the client or within the database on the server. Example: File servers and Database servers with stored procedures.

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