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Computer Interview Questions Answers

Asp.Net Interview Questions Answers

Question - 91 : - What are the validation controls?

Answer - 91 : -   A set of server controls included with ASP.NET that test user input in HTML and Web server  controls for programmer-defined requirements. Validation controls perform input checking in server code. If the user is working with a browser that supports DHTML, the validation  controls can also perform validation using client script.

Question - 92 : - How do you create a permanent cookie?

Answer - 92 : -   Permanent cookies are the ones that are most useful. Permanent cookies are available until a specified expiration date, and are stored on the hard disk. The location of cookies differs with each browser, but this doesn’t matter, as this is all handled by your browser and the server. If you want to create a permanent cookie called Name with a value of Nigel, which expires in one month, you’d use the following code Response.Cookies ("Name") = "Nigel" Response.Cookies ("Name"). Expires = DateAdd ("m", 1, Now ())

Question - 93 : - True or False: To test a Web service you must create a Windows application or Web application to consume this service?

Answer - 93 : - False, the web service comes with a test page and it provides HTTP-GET method to test.

Question - 94 : - Which property on a Combo Box do you set with a column name, prior to setting the DataSource, to display data in the combo box?

Answer - 94 : - DataTextField property.

Question - 95 : - What does aspnet_regiis -i do ?

Answer - 95 : -   Aspnet_regiis.exe is The ASP.NET IIS Registration tool allows an administrator or installation program to easily update the script maps for an ASP.NET application to point to the ASP.NET ISAPI version associated with the tool. The tool can also be used to display the status of all installed versions of ASP. NET, register the ASP.NET version coupled with the tool, create client-script directories, and perform other configuration operations.  When multiple versions of the .NET Framework are executing side-by-side on a single computer, the ASP.NET ISAPI version mapped to an ASP.NET application determines which version of the common language runtime is used for the application. The tool can be launched with a set of optional parameters. Option "i" Installs the version of ASP.NET associated with Aspnet_regiis.exe and updates the script maps at the IIS metabase root and below. Note that only applications that are currently mapped to an earlier version of ASP.NET are affected

Question - 96 : - What is Boxing and UnBoxing?

Answer - 96 : -   Boxing is implicit conversion of ValueTypes to Reference Types (Object). UnBoxing is explicit conversion of Reference Types (Object) to its equivalent ValueTypes. It requires type-casting.  

Question - 97 : - What's the difference between Response.Write() andResponse.Output.Write()?

Answer - 97 : - latter one allows you to write formattedoutput.

Question - 98 : -  What are VSDISCO files?

Answer - 98 : -   VSDISCO files are DISCO files that support dynamic discovery of Web services. If you place the following VSDISCO file in a directory on your Web server, for example, it returns   references to all ASMX and DISCO files in the host directory and any subdirectories not noted in <exclude> elements:              <?xml version="1.0" ?>                 <dynamicDiscovery                   xmlns="urn:schemas-dynamicdiscovery:disco.2000-03-17">                   <exclude path="_vti_cnf" />                   <exclude path="_vti_pvt" />                   <exclude path="_vti_log" />                   <exclude path="_vti_script" />                   <exclude path="_vti_txt" />                 </dynamicDiscovery>  

Question - 99 : - . How does dynamic discovery work?

Answer - 99 : - ? ASP.NET maps the file name extension VSDISCO to an HTTP handler that scans the host  directory and subdirectories for ASMX and DISCO files and returns a dynamically generated DISCO document. A client who requests a VSDISCO file gets back what appears to be a static DISCO document. Note that VSDISCO files are disabled in the release version of ASP.NET. You can reenable them by uncommenting the line   in the <httpHandlers> section of Machine.config that maps *.vsdisco to System.Web.Services.Discovery.DiscoveryRequestHandler and granting the ASPNET  user account permission to read the IIS metabase. However, Microsoft is actively discouraging the use of VSDISCO files because they could represent a threat to Web server security.  

Question - 100 : - What is ViewState ? and how it is managed ?

Answer - 100 : -   ASP.NET ViewState is a new kind of state service that developers can use to track  UI state on a per-user basis. Internally it uses an an old Web programming trick-roundtripping  state in a hidden form field and bakes it right into the page-processing framework.It needs less code to write and maintain state in your Web-based forms.

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