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Computer Interview Questions Answers

ASP Interview Questions Answers

Question - 51 : - What is ASP?

Answer - 51 : - ASP stands for Active Server Pages. It is a server side technology which is used to display dynamic content on web pages. For example you could write code that would give your visitors different information, different images or even a totally different page depending on what browser version they are using.

Question - 52 : - What are the types of HTML?

Answer - 52 : - Static HTML Browser uses HTTP to request HTML file from the Web Server Dynamic HTML Browser uses HTTP to request an executable application rather than a Static HTML file

Question - 53 : - What are the properties of Session Object?

Answer - 53 : - SessionID returns the session identification number for each user. Timeout sets the timeout period assigned to the Session object for any application, in minutes. CodePage determines the code page that will be used to display content. LCID a locale identifier, which determines time zone and language, rules for the system

Question - 54 : - What is Application-scope?

Answer - 54 : - Application-scope means that variables (and objects) can be accessed from any ASP pages that is part of the application.

Question - 55 : - What are the event handlers of Application Object?

Answer - 55 : - Application_OnStart- This event will be fired when the first visitor hits the page. Application_OnEnd- This event runs when the server is stopped.

Question - 56 : - What are ARRAYS?

Answer - 56 : - Arrays are variables that store items of similar information.DIM ARRAY1(4) (declares an array with the name array1 with 5 elements)

Question - 57 : - Name some of the ASP components?

Answer - 57 : - Ad Rotator component- a way to manage advertisements on the web site. Content Linker component - a technique to direct users through a set of pages on a web site by creating a list of URLs and description of the next and previous pages. Browser Capabilities component - allows to customize the page to the ability of the browser viewing it. Database Access component - allows to access data from the database

Question - 58 : - What are the methods in Application Object?

Answer - 58 : - Lock prevents clients from modifying the variables stored in the Application object. Unlock removes the lock from variables stored in the Application object.

Question - 59 : - What is an Err Object?

Answer - 59 : - Name it’s properties and methods.

Question - 60 : - Naming constraints for a variable ?

Answer - 60 : - It can be up to 255 characters Must start with an alphabet Must not contain an embedded period or full-stop

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