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Computer Interview Questions Answers

ASP Interview Questions Answers

Question - 11 : - What are the methods by which output stream is controlled?

Answer - 11 : - Flush sends previous buffered output to the client immediately, but continues processing the script. Clear erases any already-buffered HTML. End causes the server to stop processing the script.

Question - 12 : - How do you create a recordset object in VBScript?

Answer - 12 : - //First of all declare a variable to hold the Recordset object, ex- Dim objRs //Now, Create this varible as a Recordset object, ex- Set objRs=Server.CreateObject(ADODB.RECORDSET) ============= ” rs.MoveNext wend end if %’> *. Create Recordset object *. Place form field value in a variable named “param” *. Define query by concatenating strings and variable value *. Open RecordSet Object. Note that the first parameter is the Command Text. The second parameter is the Connection String. The Command Object and Connection Object are created implicitly. *. Make sure the RecordSet isn’t empty *. Begin executing a loop which goes through all records in the RecordSet. *. Write each record’s “firstname” and “lastname” fields to the page on a separate line. *. Move to Next Record.

Question - 13 : - What is Query string collection?

Answer - 13 : - This collection stores any values that are provided in the URL. This can be generated by three methods: By clicking on an anchor tag By sending a form to the server by the GET method Through user-typed HTTP address It allows you to extract data sent to the server using a GET request.

Question - 14 : - Explain the POST & GET Method or Explain the difference between them?

Answer - 14 : - POST METHOD: The POST method generates a FORM collection, which is sent as a HTTP request body. All the values typed in the form will be stored in the FORM collection. GET METHOD: The GET method sends information by appending it to the URL (with a question mark) and stored as A Querystring collection. The Querystring collection is passed to the server as name/value pair. The length of the URL should be less than 255 characters.

Question - 15 : - What is an .ASP file?

Answer - 15 : - It is a Text File that contains the combination of the following: Text HTML tags Script Commands

Question - 16 : - How many global.asa files can an Application have?

Answer - 16 : - Only one global.asa file and it’s placed in the virtual directory’s root.

Question - 17 : - What is ASP (Active Server Pages)?

Answer - 17 : - ASP is a server side-scripting environment for building dynamic and interactive web pages. Since the scripts run on the server side, the web server does all the processing.

Question - 18 : - What is Collection?

Answer - 18 : - Collection is a set of name/value pairs where the information supplied by the client is stored.

Question - 19 : - Give the comment Tags for the following?

Answer - 19 : - VBScript : REM & ‘(apostrophe) JavaScript : // (single line comment) /* */ (Multi-line comments)

Question - 20 : - What is Response Object?

Answer - 20 : - It controls the information sent to the user. The various methods are: Response.Write - Sends information directly to a browser Response.Redirect - Directs a user to a URL other than the requested URL Response.ContentType - Controls the type of content sent Response.Cookies - Sets cookie values Response.Buffer - To Buffer information

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